New Music Friday 29/04/2022

Words: Shannon Eacups

Let’s get your weekend kickstarted the right way! Time to get those heart rates pulsating, the spring back in your step and of course, serotonin at the ready because those Friday blues will be warned off like the demons in your closet!

1.      Cobra Spell – The Midnight Hour

“This song is the sleaziest song of our collection. I was searching to create a song that took you back to the groovier sexy 80’s songs,” is how guitarist Sonia Anubis, of Netherland’s powerhouse quintet glam rockers Cobra Spell, describes their newly born track, “The Midnight Hour”.

It has the electric atmosphere and sassy attitude that you’d associate with all the great 80’s glam rock bands; Extreme, Dokken and Poison being the most honourable of mentions. Sonia and Esmee’s solos perfectly balance one another out and oozing with passion, proving that women can play alongside the best of them. It’s also very refreshing to see a band in the genre feature mainly women – could this be the answer to revitalise a withered and torn genre? Not to mention the carefree nature of its lyrical themes, a reminder that it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom all the time, life’s about the thrill of the ride and enjoying the waves as the pass. 

The video cements their clear love for 80’s metal from them rocking their hearts on their respective instrument to the cuts of them truly living their rock ‘n’ roll fantasy; those that work hard play harder. Not only do they play the part but they look the part, too, for every one of us who missed out on the 80s now get the glorified revival we deserve. C’mon Marty, let’s travel back to 1985, get the shot glasses at the ready, and “party all night” we say…

You can stream “The Midnight Hour” on your preferred streaming platform along with the rest of “Anthems of the Night”, via an independent release.

Where do I find out more? 

Instagram @CobraSpell 


YouTube Cobra Spell

2.      Jessie Paege – Preach

Jessie Paege is an American YouTuber turned musician with her own brand of dark pop that tackles personal issues regardless of how controversial they may appear and we love opening up the floor to conversations. 

The track at hand, “Preach”, follows the narrative of an abusive relationship and breaking through the barrier and realising your true worth. The visuals throughout the music video offer an Edgar Wright styled psychological thriller; especially with the twist ending where Jessie confronts and “kills” the abuser but, not before controlling him like he did to her – almost mocking him. Excellent story telling for a song that handles such a sensitive theme; that unfortunately some are aware of all too well.

The driving force of the bass synth in this chorus and various electronic noises throughout make the that sudden drop impact more real along its lyrical counterpart “You taught me what not to be, Now I’m sorry I don’t practise what you preach”. She’s taking this negative situation and doing a full 180; instead of letting it consume her she’s simply using it as a reminder of who she isn’t and never will be, not sacrificing her identity to be this image of someone else. We’ve simply got to mention the vocal melody for that second verse though, “Brought ten locks so my backups have backups’’ adds some extra flavour we didn’t think possible.

“Preach” is out now on all major streaming platforms, released independently. 

Where do I find out more? 

Instagram @JessiePaege

Twitter @JessiePaege

YouTube Jessie Paege 

TikTok @JessiePaege 

3.      Architects – when we were young

‘‘We thought we had the whole world figured out, now all we do is speak in tongues’’ belts Sam Carter, vocalist of the five piece ensemble known as Architects, in the song’s arena bouncing chorus – something they’ve grown quite acquainted with delivering. 

The journey this band has sailed through during a time of uncertainty is truly remarkable; from the Royal Albert Hall and Abbey Road livestream’s to the release of their ninth studio record ‘For Those That Wish to Exist’, and even winning a Libera Award for ‘Best Metal Record’ thanks to their leading single, ‘Animals’. However, there were still fans who doubted them because of how different it was to their previous record, ‘Holy Hell’, however this new track is certainly a punch to the face for anyone who thought they didn’t have it in them and were going a little too ‘soft’. 

Creating a concoction of captivating vocal melodies that switch back and forth between the aggressive nature of the verses to the energetic, sing-along chorus that perfectly align with the liveliness of the main guitar riff that has a slight punk edge to it, mixed with the vibrant harmonics and punchy in-your-face drums that really strike a perfect balance between old and new architects with a hardcore punk twist; building up to a breakdown that sounds more aggressive than the verses if that’s even possible. Arguably this all sounds like ‘A Match Made In Heaven’… see what we did there?

Accompanied with a video of the band performing the track with the camera circling around the band, whilst Sam moves in constant motion facing towards the camera, standing on a blue lit stage – oddly reminiscent of Spiritbox’s ‘Circle With Me’ which is hardly surprising since Sam did a guest appearance on ‘Yellowjacket’ on their debut album, ‘Eternal Blue’. 

Be sure to grab tickets for their upcoming headline tour this May with support from Sleep Token and Malevolence however, don’t sleep on! Until then be sure to stream ‘when we were young’ on all digital platforms via Epitaph Records. 

Where do I find out more? 

Instagram @Architects 

Facebook Architects 

Twitter @ArchitectsUK 

YouTube Architects