Monday Movers 14/03/2022

Welcome to LDN’s Monday Movers! Each week we’ll post a few tracks to get the pulse rate up a little. Enjoy!

Words: Shannon Eacups

  1. Bleed From Within – Levitate

Glasgow five-piece metalcore legends, Bleed From Within, have returned with a brand new track called ‘Levitate’, from their anticipated new record ‘SHRINE’ set for release June 3, 2022 via Nuclear Blast Records. 

A beautifully crafted work of art that fully encapsulates the band in all its glory whilst pushing their capabilities as songwriters – if their previous records have proven they know how to write technical heavy riffs this track nails it on the head with melodic sensibility. A perfect blend between verse to chorus with the aggressive screams and the soaring power induced cleans to create this fuller, anthemic sound to shine and become the centrepiece of attraction alongside the stunning violin piece displayed. The bridge shines beautifully when the guitar syncs with the violin melody transcending into this powerful solo before hitting us with this disgustingly, tasteful breakdown with perfectly placed pinch harmonics that we’re sure guitarists everywhere are drooling over. This new direction sounds more exiting than ever whilst keeping their distinct sound; perfect for fans of ‘Parkway Drive’ and ‘While She Sleeps’.

The video captures the energy you are sure to be embraced with at any of their shows with visuals that coincide with the album artwork; a new era if you will. If the rest of the album is this good, they might just cement themselves as festival headliner material – not a band to be slept on. 

Where do I find out more?

Instagram @bleedfromwithin

Facebook Bleed From Within

Twitter @BleedFromWithin

YouTube Bleed From Within

  1. Kite Thief – Allegedly

What do you get when you put groovy djent riffs with sugary-sweet vocals? Kite Thief! Bristol’s five piece act are bursting at the seams with energy and simply oozing with grit – a perfect combination! If you’re a fan of ‘As Everything Unfolds’ or ‘Vukovi’ and their perfect balance between catchy pop chorus’ and heavy yet zestfully inspired riffs, then you’ll love Kite Thief! 

Their new track ‘Allegedly’ takes aim at the topic of sexual assault and was ‘Written in a dark and angry place. From the experience of having false empathy, and friends sitting on the fence with conflicting convictions. From dealing with trauma all the while being shunned, called a liar and ignored,’ whilst simultaneously poking fingers at those who blindly follow these perpetrators and shun the victims of these crimes.

A hard coated shell of high octane groove with an interior of angst that doesn’t shy away or tip toe around sexual assault creates the scenery for ‘Allegedly’. We really can’t tell if we’re supposed to be singing along to the guitar riffs that are ever captivating or the gleaming vocals with their interesting melodies, fresh and full of attitude particularly during those verses. Elin really went into this track detailing the cold hard truth with lines like ‘You preach about equality and justice for women but when your mate’s accused it’s ‘oh yeah but, I know him’’, ‘And you can play the hero and rest easy for a day’ and ‘Empathy, such irony, those closest to me side celebrity’ and this is the energy we adore to see presented by women; unfiltered rage. 

The video shows the band performing the track, but the camera work is where it shines; artistic in itself from the angles to the lighting and transitions from shot to shot. Very representative of the band in aesthetics; sharp and high spirited.

Where do I find out more?

Instagram @kitethiefuk

Facebook Kite Thief

YouTube Kite Thief

  1. Ocean Grove – SEX DOPE GOLD

Are they grunge? Are they punk? Or are they metal? Not a band to be defined by any specific genre we welcome ‘Ocean Grove’, a three-piece band from Australia, with their track ‘SEX DOPE GOLD’.

‘SEX DOPE GOLD’ is about the ‘abundant messaging we unconsciously receive daily through pop culture, television, and advertising to embrace and satisfy our sensory urges, ‘SEX DOPE GOLD’ is the antithesis to this ‘norm,’. The song embodies itself as a 90s inspired track with overdriving guitars, vibrant drums, and energetic vocals at full force in contrast to the lyrics that often leave you questioning the legitimacy of mainstream media which is normally filtered and rarely delves into the deep, uncomfortable, and unknown. In the same breath this a playful tune that has us (and I’m sure you) singing ‘sex, dope, gold’ all the way home. 

The video features various shots of the band throughout different sceneries set in the twilight hours however, the video style is eerily similar to the classic 90s camcorders – we simply can’t get enough of these 90s aesthetics feeding our nostalgia. 

If this introduction to an exciting yet diverse ‘Ocean Grove’ has you hungry for more you’ll be thrilled to hear they are expected to drop their new album ‘Up In The Air’ via UNFD April 22, 2022. 

Where do I find out more?

Instagram @oceangrove

Facebook Ocean Grove

Twitter @oceangrove

YouTube Ocean Grove