New Music Friday 11/03/2022

OMG the sun has finally made a comeback this week, and so has the breakdown of New Music Friday this terrific Friday. Get ready to give your ears and eyes a delight with Hollywood Undead, Fanny Andersen, Mint Green, PLOSIVS and common goldfish.

Words: Andrea Naess

1. Hollywood Undead – CHAOS

‘I am the alpha – the omega meets your maker’ screams J3T from the American rap rock-band Hollywood Undead in their latest single ‘CHAOS’. Behind the song is WZRD BLD who also have produced for big names like Lil Wayne, Bullet for My Valentine and Lil Peep. The song is catchy and perfect if you need to let some good old anger out!

2. Fanny – Jump the Gun

The Hertfordshire-based rising star Fanny Andersen releases the up-beat, honest and very likeable ‘Jump the Gun’. The artist is originally from Oslo but made the brave move to the UK in the middle of a pandemic. Fanny is reminiscent of Norwegian artist Sigrid, and LDN is keen to hear more from Fanny in the future. ‘Jump the Gun’ is accompanied with an aesthetically pleasing video dominated by warm colours, and it’s directed by London-based photographer Edward Cooke.

3. Mint Green – Trying

From Boston with love arises the astounding Mint Green, whose latest single ‘Trying’ is impossible not to smile at because of its melodic and playful vibe. The single is from their debut album ‘All Girls Go To Heaven’, which is set for release on June 3 via Pure Noise Records. The song is about holding on to a failed relationship when the other person already has moved on; as the lead singer Ronnica sings ‘When I wake up, you’re still the one I dream of’. The video is vibrant and full of colours, completing the full experience of the song.

4. PLOSIVS – Broken Eyes (V 1.)

PLOSIVS – in English, referring to harsh speech sounds, such as t, k, and p – are from San Diego. What does this sound have to do with a Californian punk band, you may ask? Well, it’s pretty simple: PLOSIVS create a musical vibration beyond the human ear, and LDN are here for it. Strong words, but it’s well deserved because their latest song ‘Broken Eyes’ is quite the firecracker. The track is from their debut, self-titled album which is set to be released April 15 via Swami Records.

5. common goldfish – Feel the Fuzz

Our last song really hits the sweet spot for all indie fans out there. ‘Feel the Fuzz’ by common goldfish is chill, groovy and a perfect song to put on while you cook yourself a delicious meal this Friday. The Tottenham-based artist captures that 90s nostalgia feeling in this track, and we are excited to see the upcoming music video for it, which will be filmed in April at Tottenham’s skate park.