LDN’S Saturday Slammers 12/02/2022

Words: Dani Willgress/The Slammer Elf

Happy Saturday everyone! This week’s New Music comes from Melbourne, Montreal and other places not beginning with M. Stand by for tunes from: Slowly Slowly, Orion Sun, Rotting Out, System Exclusive and Helena Deland.

1. Slowly Slowly – Nothing On

Doing what they do best, hiding depressing lyrics behind a mirage of cheery pop-esque riffs, Melbourne’s Slowy Slowy leave the listener either in the mood to dance or falling down a rabbit hole towards an existential crisis, depending on how closely they are listening. It could be easy just listening to ‘Nothing On’ to fall into the façade that this is a happy, upbeat song, but the music video displays more clearly the true depth of the track.

2. Orion Sun – Dirty Dancer

Looking for something a bit more chilled to start your weekend? ‘Dirty Dancer ‘has a relaxing tone with beautiful soft vocals – calling fans of Arlo Parks! – which is perfect as the soundtrack for walking around the city or sat in a coffee shop with a good book. Paired with the excellent choreography in the music video, the track depicts Philadelphia-based artist Orion Sun finding her own renewed sense of purpose and illustrated the strength and vulnerability needed to achieve this.

3. Rotting Out – Even In His Youth

Prefer to kick off your weekend with something a bit more angsty? We’ve got you. LA hardcore band Rotting Out have released a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Even In His Youth’ which will fullfill all your headbanging hankerings ready for a weekend of moshing (or just digging out your Nirvana collection after rediscovering this gem).

4. System Exclusive – Inline Online

A collision of Ari Blaisdell (Lower Self, The Beat Offs) and Matt Jones (Male Gaze, Blasted Canyons), this new Pasadena synth pop rock outfit show what can happen when new wave meets surf guitar, or Kraftwerk team up with Lene Lovich, or vintage instruments plug into a Moogy wonderland – and they’re endorsed by none other than Henry Rollins. 

5. Helena Deland – Swimmer

And to calm things right down we have Montreal’s Helena Deland, where her sweet, sublime vocal flows over an acoustic guitar melody line like gentle, sparkling waves. A little wistful, a little melancholy – the song is dedicated to Deland’s mother, who recently passed away – but utterly beguiling and with a beautiful video to match, filmed by Deland while in a helicopter over St Lawrence River, the water way between the US and Canada.