Gorillaz Live at The O2 Arena: A Joyous Reunion

Words: Doug Phillips A restriction-free O2 Arena hosts the Gorillaz and a bustling roster of their friends for a joyous reunion of live music. This was the first full show at the O2 Arena since March 2020, although the night before, the band performed a free show for NHS workers. Gorillaz opens the vibrant, electric show in a familiar fashion, with the borderline deep cut, … Continue reading Gorillaz Live at The O2 Arena: A Joyous Reunion

Wachito Pablo – An Exclusive Interview with Boy Pablo

With millions of kids across the world making music in and from their bedrooms every day to escape the boredom that comes with quarantine, it has become more and more impossible to break out of the crowd and grow to be one of the stars. But then there is Boy Pablo, aka singer-songwriter Nicolas Pablo Muñoz, who has managed to shine brighter than anyone else with … Continue reading Wachito Pablo – An Exclusive Interview with Boy Pablo

Working Men’s Club – Review

The self-titled debut from Manchester-based college students, ‘Working Men’s Club’, is here and it’s festering. What better time for the well gigged four-piece to send you a bottle of dance floor sweat than during a time when live music doesn’t exist and everyone is craving it. Bring the party home with this teenage dance floor rock. Working Men’s Club are known locally in Manchester for … Continue reading Working Men’s Club – Review

New Music Friday

Summer always comes around with a few things in tow. Heatwaves, delicious icecream, the odd sunburn and, as we think most importantly, new fantastic music. Down below are some of the phenomenal hits that we’ve been loving the most the past few days and weeks, starting from an insanely catchy EDM hit that basically screams summer, to a mellow synth mix that is perfect for … Continue reading New Music Friday

Tomorrowland 2020 – impressive despite Corona

The past 15 years, there hasn’t been a festival in the magical world of electronic music as prestigious and sought-after as the Belgium based Tomorrowland. Year after year the fest has been sold out within seconds, creating a desperate hunt for tickets to get a chance to experience the fantastical world of Tomorrowland and its star-studded lineup. Likewise, the 2020 edition should have been another … Continue reading Tomorrowland 2020 – impressive despite Corona

Amber Run: live and unplugged in your living room

It’s the same old drill – the lights go out, the room goes quiet and suddenly the band Amber Run, the group you’ve waited for all night, enters the stage, the stroke of a guitar accompanying the band’s entrance. It’s like every other gig you’ve been to before, with just one very important difference – you’re not in the room with them, but sitting on … Continue reading Amber Run: live and unplugged in your living room

Louder Than Words festival, day 3

9:30am – I wake up and quickly publish the previous day’s report to our very own ldnmagazine.com. The four-cheese pizza I had at 2:00am this morning may have been necessary, but it’s certainly taking its toll now. 10:30am – I meet Abi in the lobby and guzzle down orange juice and a latte before getting into an Uber. 11:00am – We are en route to … Continue reading Louder Than Words festival, day 3

LTW ‘Like A Gay Icon’ review

The pop diva has been a crucial part of the gay and LGBT+ communities for what feels like forever, though the mystery of exactly why this is, seems to be a matter of opinion. From Madonna to Mariah, Britney to Cher, Gaga to Bowie countless artists have been adopted as gay icons, no matter how they identify. Investigating this glamorous tale is Lucy O’Brien, panel … Continue reading LTW ‘Like A Gay Icon’ review

LTW ‘Ed Sheeran Is Shit’ review (2)

“I do not give a fuck who Ed Sheeran is!” The comic strip come to life Everett True (aka Dr Jerry Thackray) stands before a small audience consisting of music fans, journalists and avid coffee drinkers. Yet, from within his everyman-ish stature booms a voice, wilful and incensed and eagerly proclaiming the words ‘Ed Sheeran is shit!’. Around the room, people cease their conversations. The … Continue reading LTW ‘Ed Sheeran Is Shit’ review (2)