Monday Mover #7: Band of Horses – Lights

Words: Gery Hristova

Welcome to LDN’s Monday Movers! Each week we’ll post a track to get the pulse rate up a little. Enjoy!

Who are we talking about this week?

Band of Horses is an American indie rock band formed in 2004 in Seattle, Washington by Ben Bridwell and initially signed to the iconic local label Sup Pop. So far, the band has released five studio albums – one of them, ‘Infinite Arms’, was nominated in The Best Alternative Album category at the 2011 GRAMMY Awards, and if you’re a fan of Netflix show ‘Money Heist’ you’ll know their song ‘The Funeral’ from that.

Why do we like it?

‘Lights’ is the latest new song taken from Band of Horses’ forthcoming album, their first record in more than five years, ‘Things Are Great’, out March 4 via BMG.

Lyrically, the new track reflects on a night out that ends up as if it was written for a crime series episode. Instead of writing about the real events that happened on the unfortunate night, the band used a different approach for ‘Lights’. “More metaphorically,” explains Bridwell, “the song was meant to be a bit uplifting and I’m wishing for a better existence in a way. I’m getting over the things that had been going wrong in my life. The lights go on signifying it’s a better day kind of thing.”

The song is a combination of 00s soft punky sound and indie rock – it’s like you’re listening to Real Estate, but without the calm smooth melody that most of their tracks contain. Despite its punk-rock sound and confusing lyrics, ‘Lights’ is a smooth well-written recall of a night that could’ve ended way better.

Where do I find out more?

For more information you check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or official Website.

Listen here: