Self-Care Sunday #16 – Budget-friendly must-haves to make your winter cosier than ever

Winter is here. As ominous as that sounds, we promise you that White Walkers won’t start roaming the streets of London. Anticipating a chill in the air, it is time to bust out those blankets, dust off the fluffy socks, and reignite that hot chocolate addiction.

Words: Emily Cliff

A big trend that crops up on TikTok every wintery season is the OODIE. An OODIE is a gigantic fleece hoody that can wrap you up into the perfect blanket burrito for maximum cosiness. And while the idea behind these OODIEs and their cosiness is extremely attractive, the price is not. However, in 2021 Primark released their own version, the Snuddie, at a price that was much kinder to the old money tree. Out of stock? Check Etsy and Amazon for bargains, too.

Another way to make winter as cosy as possible is hot chocolate. Blowing up online last year was Hotel Chocolat’s famous Velvetiser. At £99 a pop it’s not exactly student-friendly, however, why should good hot chocolate cost a pretty penny? ASDA is currently selling a dupe of the hot chocolate machine at just £25, the George Home Milk Frother, so you can have the taste of luxury without the luxury price tag. 

To maximise your cosiness you have to give your room the ultimate Pinterest makeover. And while some of those rooms you see on Pinterest look like they came straight out of a fairytale you can recreate it at home for a price that won’t break the bank. With Christmas barely behind us, some shops still have remnants of Christmas decor, and this means all things warm, glowing, and fairy-light. Warm-toned lights are the cherry on top of your cosy cake, paired with command hooks and strips from BIMM’s favourite Wilko.

So now you have the tools, snuggle up in your brand new OODIE, with your luxurious hot chocolate in a perfectly-lit, cosy room. If you’re after something to watch head to our film and entertainment section to get the perfect winter night watchlist.