Industry in Motion #1: Artists Reunited 

Words: Marco Ciocca

Want to know what’s happening in music business? Marco Ciocca breaks it down… 

#1 – Artists Reunited 

As the world seems to be finally recovering from the effects of a global shutdown, a new academic year of in-class teaching has started in every university. The international population of BIMM London, coming from all over the world, is discovering an abundance of opportunities and, finally, it feels like we are becoming part of the big stage. Why and how are we attracted here, leaving our families and friends behind in order to take a fresh start in the music industry?  

According to Statista, an unreal 2,400 official live performances are estimated to happen in London every week. What can feel like an overwhelming and overcrowded cultural scene is also a never-ending world of possibilities, offering countless opportunities to upcoming artists. This doesn’t mean that there are spots for everybody to take part in the cultural activities, but if one puts in the effort to reach a certain level of mastery in its field, there is a good chance that some doors will open and that it will eventually pay off. 

This explains why countless students often sacrifice comfort and relationships to come and try to the life they always wanted, but how does this phenomenon work? Moving to a new city won’t instantly change your career. There are however a few observable effects that make the jump worth it.  

Being surrounded by people with big ambitions, good work ethic and taking part in various programs or extra-curricular activities help us achieve this growth. You can feel that energy around BIMM; fully booked practice rooms until late at night, producers always working on-the-go and people trying to be part of every extra-curricular activity in order to expand their networks. An important number of artists here grew up in smaller countries with smaller cultural scenes and are used to fight against an environment where there’s few hopes and inspirations for a musical career.  

Just by being together, we offer ourselves the ability to reach new heights, taking full advantage of a never-ending city like London. We should keep creating, connecting and inspiring each other, sharing work, giving feedback and contributing to the energy that moves every one of us.  

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