Nook’s Cranny #7 – New “Life Is Strange” Game Announced

Words: Mio Farrenden

On March 18, games publisher Square Enix announced that a new Life Is Strange’ game is due to come out later this year. ‘Life Is Strange: True Colours’ is due for release on September 10 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. 

Most likely, this new instalment will not be a part of the mainline story but will instead be similar to ‘Before The Storm’, another side story for ‘Life Is Strange’ developed under the same team: Deck Nine. According to the Game Director, Zak Garriss, ‘True Colors’ began development in 2017 which is when ‘Before The Storm’ was released, so even more evidence! 

Alex sees Steph… and her empath side takes over.

Not so different to most other telltale games, in ‘True Colors’ you’ll play as Alex Chen who moves to the idyllic-looking Haven Springs reunite with her brother Gabe, but ultimately has to solve the mystery of his death. Refreshingly, the voice actor for our new protagonist is thankfully also an Asian bisexual woman, so accurate representation should be gracing our screens very soon. 

As well as this, Alex is a musician so whenever she sings in the game she will have the musician mxmtoon representing her, another Asian woman.

In the game, Alex has this special ability named Empathy which is essentially what it says on the tin, but to the extreme. She is able to see a type of aura around people that represents feelings, such as blue for sadness. You can also directly go up to someone and command actions to get a better reading for what they’re thinking and feeling too. 

Haven Springs looks perhaps too good in ‘Life is Strange – True Colors’

‘True Colors’ will be the first of the ‘Life Is Strange’ games to leave the episodic themes behind and adopt more of a semi-open-world feel. We’re guessing something similar to ‘Until Dawn‘. There’s also a suggestion of optional antics such as romantic interests, these won’t be mandatory but that sounds like a bit of added fun to us! 

You can pre-order ‘True Colors’ now by clicking HERE

Check out the announcement video below.

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