Self-Care Sunday #13 – Small Businesses That Are Perfect for A Self-Care Day

Words: Emily Cliff

Self-Care Sunday is all about treating yourself, and having that one day a week when you can kick back and have a day completely dedicated to you and looking after your mental wellbeing. What better way to treat yourself than to shop with some small businesses? Covid has meant a hard time for the high street and even harder time for independent retailers, so this is the time to show your support and start shopping small. Pull up a chair and take out that rainy day fund, this week we are doing some retail therapy.

First up on our list we have Berry Pon Mi, a Birmingham based small chocolatier. This company sells a range of chocolatey based goodies but an absolute favourite and winner here at LDN are the chocolate covered strawberries. A juicy strawberry covered perfectly in chocolate, what more could you want? The strawberries will be a perfect addition to your instagram theme with extremely aesthetic patterns and designs. And if you are eating a strawberry it’s automatically healthy! Be warned though these strawberries are highly addictive and will leave you wanting even more. 

Chocolate strawberries like you’ve never seen or tasted before from Berry Pon Mi.

If you are looking to decorate the house a little for Easter and spring then look no further. The wonderful Lornie Crafts on Etsy have perfect and affordable crafty little ornaments to brighten up your home and easter spread. All handmade (with love) this business will make a wonderful gift or superb Self-Care purchase. With a range of designs from lovely easter bunnies to the cutest little Baby Yoda, Lornie Crafts is one to bookmark. 

A seller we can’t stop rabbiting on about; Lornie Crafts’ felted creature goodness.

Here at Self-Care Sunday we are all about the skincare and the baths, it’s a fundamental part of our Self-Care Sunday routines, if you didn’t feel like making your own face mask or you wanted to make this week extra special then head to Peace and Willow on Etsy. Peace and Willow have a wonderful range of self-care boxes which include everything you need to have a wonderful Self-Care Sunday. From face and eye masks, to calming teas and bath bombs this shop has it all. 

Teas, bath bombs, face masks and other treats from Peace and Willow.

Even though we are counting down the days until we can finally go to shops and socialise with friends again, if your favourite bakery got hit hard by the pandemic and you are looking for a sweet fix delivered straight to your door. Postbox Bakes is a business that sells brownies, blondies cookies and all things sweet straight to your door in a box that even fits through your letterbox. Uniquely this brand even sells a share box of fresh brownie trimmings with a dipping sauce so you know nothing is going to waste.

Biscoff, Rolo and Jammie Dodger brownies from Postbox Bakes.

If you don’t really have the time or the patience to wait and make your own candles from our candle guide, then you have to try out Happy Elephant co. homemade soy wax candles that not only smell divine but are also affordable and incredibly aesthetically pleasing. From the copper coloured tins that they come in to the divine smells on the inside, this business is perfect if you are looking for something small and handmade with love to complete your Self-Care Sunday. The scents range from your everyday candle scents to things like the smell of a library or a fresh book. 

Happy Elephant Co’s The Library candle – plum, peony, patchouli and leather, wow!

When the highstreet is closed and small businesses are getting hit hard it has never been more important to show our support. You don’t have to spend a lot and most of these small businesses have things in their shop under £20. The perfect way to treat yourself and to help out someone else is by supporting a small business in lockdown. We hope you check out some of these amazing businesses and have the best possible Self-Care Sunday.

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