Self Care Sunday #9: Palentine’s Day

Words: Emily Cliff

Valentine’s can be a hard time of year regardless of a global pandemic and there’s no denying that the ever looming V day this year looks very different but that does not mean we can enjoy it the same as always! Swarmed with virtual Zooms, takeaways and loved-up phone calls here at Self-Care Sunday we’re going to tell you how to have the most fabulous Valentines and – something we made up five minutes ago for all friends – Palentine’s Day 20201 has to offer. This week we will be sharing all the best tips and tricks for you to make the most out of your virtual dates with the pals or with loved ones. 

I have always loved Valentine’s Day, whether I was spending it with a box of chocolates and Bridget Jones or with someone who’s close to me, I have loved the idea of a holiday where we get to show people how much we love them. When Palentine’s or Galentine’s day blew up a couple years back it was the best excuse you could get to show your friends how much you miss them and how much you’re thinking about them. Whether it would be by going out and having a lovely meal or staying in and having a pamper night, it would always be an excuse to get dressed up and treat yourself and the ones you love. And who says we can’t do that this year? Apart from the national lockdown, there are many ways to enjoy this holiday at home. 

The first option, and maybe the most popular one is Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype dates. Whether it be a date with your favourite girls, gays and they’s or a date with your other half this is the perfect way to get that face to face experience you will be missing on V day. The ideas are endless, you could host a cocktail party, have a virtual cook off or just order a takeaway and talk. You could use it as an excuse to dress up or keep it casual in your pjs. I’m sure we have all had Zoom quizzes coming out of our ears at this point but it is great fun when you’re with your friends, especially if you haven’t seen them in a long time. We’re all lacking that face to face intimacy after being a part for almost a year, and Zoom quizzes are the next best thing we have. 

Another great idea is to send your friends or loved one a little care package. This is a great mood booster and it lets you know that you’re thinking of them. It can be as big or as small as you like. I sent my friends a care package just in time for valentines day and it was only small but everyone said it lifted their spirits and made them feel a whole lot better. You could put in some face masks, some tea and some small chocolates. It’s the little things that count all the way and it’s often the little things that make us feel most happy and most content. 

Another winner for Palentines and V day is a wonderful little program called Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix party), this program allows you to watch and create a watching party room with your friends so you can all watch a movie together. This is brilliant if your go to activity on V day is to watch a film. The app is completely free and allows you to watch movies and tv shows on Netflix with friends and loved ones all around the world. 

Of course if you would rather use this day to have some ‘Me Time’ that is perfectly okay too! If you are after some movie recommendations see our Movie Soundtrack Wednesdays column for some awesome films and TV recommendations. And if you’re looking to go a bit crafty look to our Candle making Guides and our Bath bomb and Face mask guides! 

The important thing is to just take the time out for the day. Do something that makes you happy. Whether that be crafting and baking all day or throwing virtual cocktail parties with your friends, it’s important to use the time to recharge that battery of yours and ensure you are ready to face the week ahead being the happiest you can be! We believe in you and if all else fails, here is a TikTok of a baby hedgehog having a bath! 

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