Self-Care Sunday #7: Candle Making

Words: Emily Cliff

The January blues have hit a little tougher this year, but fear not as there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Quite literally, in this week’s edition of Self-Care Sunday! This week we are talking all about candle making. So as per usual, put the kettle on, slice up that Self-Care Sunday cake and let’s get candle making.

If you are anything like me, on your daily (or hourly) scroll through Tiktok you have seen a lot of small businesses posting videos about how they make all of their handmade products. And one of the overwhelming tutorials I have seen is candle making. Believe us when we say it is so much easier than it looks and it is not at all as daunting as it seems. Lighting a candle for Self-Care Sunday seems like an almost biblical way to bring in those good, fresh and happy vibes for the week ahead. But rather than breaking the bank, why not make your own with materials equipment you can find in your local Wilko or Hobby Craft.

Lighting up our lives. Credit: Candledeem

When making candles it is important to research quantities and ratios beforehand. Every container is different and if you are reusing old candle jars then it will really help to check out these easy formulas. To work this out, fill your container with water to measure how much liquid it can hold in millilitres then deduct 20% leaving you with the amount of wax you will need in grams. For example if your container holds 100ml of water deduct 20% leaving you with 80g of wax to fill your pot.

There are lots of things that can be gained by making and burning candles and one of these comes from the blend of scents. The brain often associates smell with memory and this can give us the desired effect of feeling happy, loved and calm. Some of the best and well known scents for relieving anxiety are; lavender, ylang ylang, orange blossom and jasmine. These scents can help us kick start our Self-Care Sunday by helping us declutter out heads, to create a calm and happy environment.

Candles are brilliant for channeling your self-care but they also make brilliant gifts. Have you ever been stuck on something to buy for relatives at Christmas or your mum for Mother’s Day? A handmade candle is brilliant and it’s sentimental, as well as helping you save those pennies. Everything tastes, looks and smells better when it’s been homemade and I know this sounds extremely cliché, but it’s because of the love and affection that goes into making these gifts that make them so special and of a higher quality.

Feeling the warmth… Credit: Bushwack

Amazon and Etsy are brilliant resources if you are just starting to make candles for a hobby. There is an
extraordinary library and gallery of scents at your disposal. I even found a scent for freshly baked bread. If you are stuck for containers then Wilko is the perfect place to go, especially if you are on a budget. You can bulk buy jars of many sizes for a small price, that are perfect for making your candle look home made and rustic. For candle dyes it would be better to go to a place such as Hobby Craft so you know what your buying is genuine and won’t harm you or the candles you are making.

There is no better time than now to give candle making a go. It is a brilliant hobby with a brilliant lasting product – you can refill the containers – which was made completely by you and tailored for your needs and preferences. With so much spare time on our hands who knows you could even start up your own business! But one thing is for certain, whether you make these candles for yourself or a loved one, they’ll be a brilliant way to help maximise the fun and creativity in your Self-Care Sunday!

This quick tutorial might get you started.

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