Live Review: Kaiser Chiefs at Brixton Academy – via MelodyVR

Words: Bethan McConnell

Despite months of lockdown, Kaiser Chiefs have not lost any of their iconic energy or charisma when performing live.

Barrelling through iconic tracks like Na Na Na and Ruby, vocalist Ricky Wilson appears to show no sign of fatigue, or general worry about performing to an empty room in South London. Wilson has always been known for his lovable splashiness on stage, something that certainly wasnโ€™t lacking for this performance, launching into newer tracks like Parachute and Golden Oldies. For a fraction of the price of a regular ticket, Kaiser Chiefs delivered a goosebump-inducing and hilarious live show, despite Wilsonโ€™s lack of lyric knowledge when it came to their first and second albums.

Because of the increasing interest in digital streaming for live events, more people are turning to purchasing tickets online to see their favourite bands. However, when hundreds of people all do this at once, there are obviously going to be teething problems. At many times throughout the stream, the audio cut out and the visuals couldnโ€™t be seen. However, with multiple stage angles to choose from, the MelodyVR app allowed for a simplistic form of audience interactivity. Whether the streaming difficulties were from individual internet connections, or a wider server error, it is obvious to expect potential technical issues.

All in all, Kaiser Chiefs are a band that really deserve to be seen live and in-person, before making judgements about their shows. Clearly MelodyVR are coming on leaps and bounds when it comes to the future of digital streaming, and hopefully more updates mean that live shows will go more smoothly.

Kaiser Chiefs live in your front room via MelodyVR.

โ€œYouโ€™re sat at home, we are not sat at home, but we are here together. We will not let you down.โ€ – Ricky Wilson, Kaiser Chiefs

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