DJing: It’s Now An Official GCSE Option

Words: Bethan McConnell

A new set of formal exams on DJ decks has been accepted by London College of Music Examiners, allowing students to delve into the art of electronic music production.

FutureDJs is a music education initiative, set up by Austen and Scott Smart. As a result of their experiences in ‘traditional’ music education, they began to try and get DJ decks recognised as an official performance instrument for GCSE Music qualifications. The campaign was started because of the focus on conventional music production, and the lack of electronic elements in Music GCSE classes.

Colin got an A* in crossfading skillz.

CDJs, decks which are compatible with CDs and digital files, are now on the same level as classical instruments. This move allows for more creative freedom when it comes to students’ career pathways. Additionally, this decision creates a greater level of accessibility for students, with lesson funding now available from Pioneer DJ in Knutsford.

Austen and Scott have also had their popular text ‘How To DJ’ out since February 2019. Order that here, and learn how to scratch with their tutor DJ Mr Switch below.

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