New Music Friday

Declan McKenna – Daniel, You’re Still a Child

Declan McKenna has shared his new single, ‘Daniel, You’re Still a Child’, from his forthcoming second album ‘Zeros’, which is set to arrive on the 12th of August after its original May release was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Big, glamourous and glitzy, the song feels like a pop piece floating around in space, surrounded by all kinds of colours and shapes of basslines and shooting stars of rock’n’roll-induced riffs. But who is Daniel? It seems that McKenna is once again dipping into the pool of societal themes and sings about a lost soul. But where is he lost? Space? Some VR world? According to the singer himself, the character is set to return in another song, so we will soon find out. What’s certain is that it sounds excellent.


Words: Laura Weingrill

Filler – Pocket Change

“Nothing feels real anymore” is a recurring theme in Filler’s newest single ‘Pocket Change’. This turbulent track perseveres emotions that prolong the feeling of neediness and craving. The upcoming band from Cleveland, USA has been enchanting their ever-growing fanbase with bubblegum indie-pop tracks that make you think of more well-known Cali indie bands such as Wallows, Hunny, etc. 

‘Pocket Change’ released on 3 July marks the feeling of a summer that is more bittersweet than ever. The lyrics seem to be more dawn and moody whilst the engraving melody has a dreamy undertone that makes you wonder about all the things that could’ve been. Be aware that you’ll surely get ‘Pocket Change’ stuck in your mind after the first listen.


Words: Lauren Dehollogne

French W – Hurt Yourself 

It’s safe to say that over the past few months many of us haven’t been feeling ourselves, and Pop/Indie artist French W has dropped his raw and engaging track titled ‘Hurt yourself.’ As the track was originally written for a friend of French’s who has been going through a tough time this year, the track instantly hits you in the feels as your ears are blessed with this relatable, heart-warming single that will definitely put you in a good mood. French W is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for this year!


Words: Jade Dadalica

Rain On Me – Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

Although released over a month ago this ultra-pop masterpiece ‘Rain On Me’ had to be included in this ‘New Music Friday’ post. Two of the biggest names in pop have collaborated on this track that embodies all the highs and lows a pop song has to internalise in order to please us, sometimes embarrassed, pop lovers.

The two Italian-American goddesses have crossed the line of cringe-worthy music to the point of no return. There’s no other way to enjoy ‘Rain On Me’ than to scream the track from start to finish. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are both strong forces that have massive followings but that the result would be this “dance in bedroom” excellence no one could have ever imagined it to be this fun.


Words: Lauren Dehollogne

Adventures In Success – Do Nothing

Do Nothing have saved the day! These Nottingham punks have recently covered Will Power’s ‘Adventures In Success’ – while still managing to keep it quintessential Do Nothing. A mix of LCD Soundsystem and Talking Heads are infused into this banger making it an absolute essential for lockdown listening.


Words: Joe Andrews

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