LP REVIEW: Moral Panic – Nothing But Thieves

In a world filled with uncertainty and destruction, almost nothing offers more inspiration as lively as the current events, and the British rockers of the acclaimed indie group Nothing But Thieves are no newbies to skilfully mixing politics, mental health issues, and social struggles with their own experiences and turning it all into magnificent songs. It comes to no surprise then that this is also … Continue reading LP REVIEW: Moral Panic – Nothing But Thieves

New Music Friday

Summer always comes around with a few things in tow. Heatwaves, delicious icecream, the odd sunburn and, as we think most importantly, new fantastic music. Down below are some of the phenomenal hits that we’ve been loving the most the past few days and weeks, starting from an insanely catchy EDM hit that basically screams summer, to a mellow synth mix that is perfect for … Continue reading New Music Friday