Our Favourite Records

You can tell a lot about someone from their first or favourite records. The LDN team went out in the recent early summer to shoot our new first/fave record feature. Here are the team’s picks, photographed by Henry Nash (@henryjgn) and edited by LDN’s resident photo princess Dani Willgress (@daniwillgressphotography). Name: Ashley Hall LDN role:... Continue Reading →

LDN Magazine Issue 4

The newest issue of LDN Music Magazine is out now! Featuring interviews with Áine Cahill, Sam Tompkins and Orla Gartland. Click here to read the Mar/Apr edition.

LDN Merch

All we want for Christmas…is music merch! Do you have a music lover in your life you who you still need to buy a present for? Look no further! Here is LDN’s merch guide with everything you could need to keep music lovers happy this Christmas! Team LDN know their music, love bands and ADORE... Continue Reading →

Christmas cheer?

What do Bruce Springsteen, Wham!, Louis Armstrong and Mariah Carey have in common? They all have huge Christmas hits. They might have been released decades ago but almost everyone can sing along to them. You might hate them, you might even love them but not knowing them is not an option. During the end of... Continue Reading →

Dance Music – From Hedonism to Exclusivity

It is 2018 and dance music is everywhere. Dominating charts and festival line-ups, the genre is almost inescapable whether you like it or not. However, much of the scene today is unrecognisable in comparison to when it was first born in the early 80’s. Inclusivity and togetherness has been replaced by overproduction and greed. Over... Continue Reading →

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