Top Tracks for a class St Patrick’s Day!

Words: Gráinne Cromie | Featured: Stefan Müller | Ireland: Gráinne Cromie

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh ó gach éinne ag LDN! Happy St. Patrick’s Day from everyone at LDN! We hope these tunes will help you feel like you’re here today:

  1. We’re Shipping up to Boston- Dropkick Murphy’s

To kick things off we have the American Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphy’s ‘We’re Shipping up to Boston’. Most definitely one of the most recognised across Ireland due to its use on All Ireland Final Day. Check it out!


2. Dreams- The Cranberries

A beautifully written classic about falling in love for the first time and all your dreams coming true. It has recently become an anthem of its own thanks to its affiliation with the show ‘Derry Girls’ and its ethereal feel makes it the perfect choice this St. Patrick’s Day.

3. Grace- The Dubliners

It simply would not be St Patrick’s Day if this song didn’t make an appearance. It’s one song I can bet I will be asked to play at every party in Ireland. The poignant story paired with Jim McDonald’s emotion throughout will tug at your heart strings. Many artists have covered it but none will ever compare to the original!

4.The Black Velvet Band-The Dubliners

This song is about a young lad who’s down on his luck. Exiled from his country due to the wrongdoings of his lover. Its upbeat tempo makes it a favourite for dancing to and the witty lyrics will definitely give you a laugh.

5.Song for Ireland- Mary Black

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day if Mary Black didn’t feature. Her rendition of ‘Song for Ireland’ is my favourite. The song focuses on a young person who has left Ireland but can’t escape the memories of the land and the people left behind. Something a lot of Irish people across the world can relate to. The songs emotive and melodic tone makes it an audience favourite and I would definitely recommend it this St Patrick’s Day.

6.Summer in Dublin- Bagatelle

Summer in Dublin is a special one for me as it’s my mam’s favourite song. Any family party I’m playing at this is always requested. It tells the story of a young man ‘back in the good old days’ in Dublin. These reminiscent days are not something I remember personally, but this song helps me understand what it was like, and what we missed out on!

7.The Parting Glass- Celtic Woman

The Parting Glass is another classic. It is a reflection of one’s life as it draws to a close where both the good and the bad times are discussed. Another favourite party tune and no doubt I’ll be sat tonight playing it for my roommates!

8.Trouble with a Capital T- Horslips

An absolute tune. This upbeat piece is one of the first I remember singing with my Da on the way to support our beloved Armagh at football games. The juxtaposition of the fast tempo and the flute is something that just draws you in, give it a listen sure!

9.An Dearg Doom- Horslips

Yes, this is the second time Horslips feature in this list. But their Celtic rock style is perfect to set the mood for St Patrick’s Day. The guitar motif is one of the most well known across Ireland. An Dearg Doom roughly translates to “Red Destroyer” which is a reference to mythical warrior Cúchulainn who is famous for killing Culann’s Irish wolfhound by striking a slíothar down its throat. Banger!

10.Boys in the Better Land- Fontainnes DC

Of course, I couldn’t not include BIMM Dublin’s very own Fontainnes DC in this list. The 4 lads met while studying and the rest is history. Their genre is Irish post-punk and the grungy edge that they add to the modern Irish traditional music style is just class. The perfect song to get the party STARTED.




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