New Music Friday 17/03/2023

This week’s New Music Friday is full of songs by strong and successful women that inspire us in Women’s Month and beyond – let us introduce you to Miley Cyrus’ brand new album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’, Bea Miller’s new single ‘jealous of my friends’, Melanie Martinez’ comeback ‘DEATH’, Taylor Swift’s old-fan favourite ‘All Of The Girls You Loved Before’ and Aluna & TSHA’s collaboration ‘Killing Me’.

Words: Vicky Madzak and Hollie Sackett

#1 Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation

On March 10th Miley Cyrus released her highly anticipated 8th studio album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’. The album shows the artists’ versatility with catchy dance-tunes like the album’s leading singles ‘Flowers’ and ‘River’, to lovey-dovey melodies on ‘Rose Colored Lenses’ and ‘Island’ and a nostalgic country-feel on ‘Thousand Miles’. ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ is meant to be perceived in 2 halves – AM and PM. “The AM to me is representing the morning time, where there is like a buzz and an energy and there is a potential of new possibilities, it’s a new day. And in the night time, it feels that there’s a slinky seediness and kind of a grime but a glamour at the same time and in the evening it’s a great time for rest, it’s a time to recover or it’s a time to go out and kind of experience the wild side.”, Cyrus herself explains spot on in her Disney+ special. Her powerful, recognisable voice and empowering lyrics, whether a song is about loving yourself or someone else, is recurring throughout the whole album and allows you to view heartbreak through a different lens – not everyone you lose is a loss, as long as you don’t lose yourself.

#2 Bea Miller – jealous of my friends

Bea Miller’s new release ‘jealous of my friends’ sonically reminds of the American singer’s very early pop-rock releases like ‘Dracula’ and ‘Rich Kids’, heavy on the sound of E-guitars and drums. It even discusses a similar topic to ‘Rich Kids’, however with a more mature twist on its lyrics. Miller sings about the struggle of fighting off intrusive thoughts, especially one’s targeting people you love the most and what comparing yourself to their successes might do to not only your mental health but also your relationship with them.

#3 DEATH – Melanie Martinez

The release of the single ‘DEATH’ off Melanie Martinez’ upcoming album ‘Portals’, marks the singer’s comeback after a three-year-hiatus. Now that she has officially ended her ‘Cry-Baby’, ‘K-12’ and ‘After School’ era, the musician surprises listeners with a much darker sound, matching her always gripping lyrics. With lines like “My body has died but I’m still alive” and “I’m back from the death”, she alludes to how being wrongfully cancelled a few years back might’ve made her feel and how grateful she is to finally be back to doing what she loves the most. Intrigued by her new sound, we are now definitely awaiting her new album in anticipation.

#4 Taylor Swift – All Of The Girls You Loved Before

In honour of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour starting tonight, the musician released 4 old unreleased songs, one of them being ‘All Of The Girls You Loved Before’ from her 2019 album ‘Lover’. The song isn’t typically Swift-sounding – it’s a slow song, heavy on electronic instrumentals, her soft voice in the foreground. Lyrically, the one-of-a-kind songwriter is reflecting on negative romantic experiences from the past, how they impact you and how you need them to guide you into a brighter future. Every person you meet on your journey will teach you something about yourself or what you are looking for in a partner, whether it’s good or bad.

#5 Aluna & TSHA – Killing Me

‘Killing Me’, the collaboration between Aluna and TSHA, is one of the catchiest dance tunes you’ll hear this week. Aluna (formerly one half of AlunaGeorge) has secured her place in the dance music hall of fame in the 10 years since the release of ‘Body Music’, with songs like ‘Attracting Flies’ and the unforgettable collaboration with Disclosure on ‘White Noise’. Her angelic vocals mixed with TSHA’s fresh and distinctive production has resulted in a track that exudes pop and will get you listening over and over.

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