New Music Friday 18/11/22

Words: Andrea Naess 

We’re in the middle of the most cold and uneventful month of the year – November. Depressing, right? It’s easy to lose that extra motivation for schoolwork and duties, but we’re HERE to try and motivate you through it with our newest music. So, stay tuned for Heist Brothers, Jenny Hval, Weathers, Beach Weather and Biig Piig. 

#1 Heist Brothers ft. Whallex – Want My Love 

We’re opening this NMF with a headbanger: ‘Want My Love’ by Lithuanian and Danish Heist Brothers and Whallex. We love the bittersweet pop sound on this track and can’t get enough of the lyrics ‘but it all go down when you not here’.  This song is best enjoyed in the car on an empty road on one of these cold November nights. Check it out!  

#2 Jenny Hval – Buffy 

For our next tune, we’ll travel up to the cold north, to present to you the Norwegian artist Jenny Hval’s ‘Buffy’. The artist has received glowing reviews from Pitchfork, Stereogum, The Guardian, Uncut and New York Times. The latter has described Hval’s latest album ‘4AD’ as “her most approachable, with upbeat tunes and consonant sounds, both acoustic and electronic”. We’re in love with ‘Buffy’ because of the Huldra-like voice and deep but not too over-elaborate way of expressing the meaning of the song, which is hope.  

#3 Weathers – Where Do I Sign? 

If you feel like life hasn’t been serving lately, or you’re simply tired of the daily grind, it’s easy to think ‘where do I sign’(with the Devil), to turn things around. Southern Californian alt-pop-trio puts this feeling into a song with their latest track titled exactly this. The band describes the song as “satire…selling your soul to get to the next level.” Prior to their new record, the trio had huge success back in 2016 with their single ‘Happy Pills’ which reached an impressive 31M views on YouTube. ‘Where Do I Sign’ is accompanied by a music video that features a typical American house party- complete with the iconic red cups, the frontman chanting in the mic and even some blood featuring here and there… Go check the banger out now. 

4# Beach Weather – Trouble With This Bed 

3-piece alternative pop-rock band Beach Weather’s ‘Trouble With This Bed’ features glassy synths and a steady beat as lead Nick Santino sings ‘I don’t want to be a loner left alone’.  He describes ‘Trouble With This Bed’ as “a song about the melancholy loneliness we all fall victim to from time to time. Whether it’s longing for a lost flame, a past love or the struggle of leaving the security and safety of your own bed”. LDN loves the track and hopes the band will perform in London soon. ‘Trouble With This Bed’ is out now via Arista Records. 

#5 Biig Piig – This is What They Meant  

 Biig Piig is back again with her new track ‘This is What They Meant’. The young artist has just been played on BBC Radio 1 and we think she truly is somebody to look out for. ‘This is What They Meant’ creates a soulful atmosphere, and is a tune that’s easy to get lost in. The video sees the protagonist have an out of body experience and see things through someone else’s eyes. It kind of gives us an insight to Biig Piig’s personal life and makes us feel like we’re a part of her friend group. The song is out now via RCA Records Label.