New Music Friday 8/04/2022

Words: Andrea Naess

Easter is approaching, filled with (hopefully) some good bunny chocolates and fun in the sun with friends and family. And in that spirit, we are happy to announce some new songs you can listen to in the break. Stay tuned for Layke, FINNEAS, The Forms, Role Model and Harry Styles.

1. Layke – Help Me Out

Electro-pop singer and songwriter Layke releases her latest track, ‘Help Me Out’. The song is great, and brings up topics like anxiety, and the singer herself says this about the song “I really wanted to be transparent about my own experience and the feeling of what being in an anxiety attack is like for me”. LDN thinks transparency and openness are important when it comes to battling anxiety, so we are cherishing this song. Layke has previously collaborated with legendary Snoop Dogg in the 2019 song, ‘Happier’. ‘Help Me Out’ is out now via ACM inc.

2. FINNEAS – Naked

Billie Eilish’s infamous brother FINNEAS, aka the mastermind behind his sister’s greatest hits is out with his own single ‘Naked’, and we must say the song really slaps. We see FINNEAS in a cheeky music video dancing and winking a little bit, with a cool background with different pastel colours blinking, reminding the viewer a little bit of the legendary video for Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’. The multi award-winning musician, songwriter and producer is also set to perform on this year’s Coachella, so if you don’t want to miss that make sure to grab a ticket.

3. The Forms – Latch

Queens-based duo The Forms cover Disclosure, Sam Smith’s hit single ‘Latch’ from 2013, and it’s safe to say the cover stands out with its use of strictly physical instruments, compared to the original version of the song, which is dominated by electronical instruments, and The Form’s version certainly caught our attention this week. The song is moody, bright, and funky and gave us a pleasantly but somehow minimalist experience to the original version. The Forms consist of the duo Alex Tween and Matt Walsh, who have made music together since high school. Brooklyn Vegan has described the band as “One of the more underrated bands in NYC,” and forthrightly we agree.

4. Role Model – neverletyougo

Cute and wholesome describes our next lo-fi rap-song presented to you by the American Tucker Pillsbury, better known as Role Model. “I can never let you go” sings the artist, while he chases his girl and trying to impress her in the music video to the song, before we see them walking into the sunset together in matching outfits… Role Model had his breakthrough back in 2017 with his debut ‘Arizona in the Summer’, which earned him a great following. ‘neverletyougo’ is out with Out via Universal Music Group and Benny Blanco Mad Love.

5. Harry Styles – As It Was

Our last artist needs no formal introduction, unless you’ve been living under a rock the last decade… Joke asides, Harry Styles’ latest bop ‘As It Was’ stood out to us this week because how different it is from the previous 1D-megastar’s earlier work. The song feels vulnerable, honest and gave us all types of emotions: sadness, happiness, and nostalgia all at the same time. The chorus “In this world it’s just us/You Know it’s not the same as it was” really makes you think about that first great love you had in your life, and with Styles’ beautiful vocals you cannot go wrong with this one.