Monday Movers 04/04/2022

Welcome to LDN’s Monday Movers! Each week we’ll post a few tracks to sink your teeth into and get the pulse rate up a little. Enjoy!

Words: Shannon Eacups

  1. Call Me Karizma – Young, In Love & Depressed AF

Minnesota post-pop artist Call Me Karizma just dropped new track ‘Young, In Love & Depressed AF’ via Thriller Records ahead of his European tour starting April 23 in Warsaw through to May 6 which sees him ending in London’s very own Boston Music Room.

The fusion of rock and hip hop elements have grown common among artists in the mainstream alternative scene and this song is no stranger to that formula. Starting off with a simple guitar before kicking in with drums gradually turning into an anthemic chorus despite the saddening topic we find the lyrics to convey.

A story about being – quite literally – young and in love but depressed as fuck. Honesty has always been top of the agenda when it comes to Karizma’s music and the evidence is written all over this track. ‘We fight like we’re at war, We tear each other up, We spend out nights with tears in our eyes, we’re just young, in love and depressed as fuck’ describe the all too knowing feeling of loving someone when you’re depressed, the spark slowly dying out until all that’s left is smoke burning from a candle and wax dripping onto the cold tiled floor. The hollow emptiness of a quiet space that no longer burns bright like the warm memories residing in your head. The video further emulates this story following a timeline of events throughout their relationship but with an obvious feeling of sadness yet the love is there hidden beneath that slowly opens up towards the end of the video as it sees the pair smile before leaving. Perfect storytelling and a worthwhile track that should be on your daily Spotify playlists…

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2. Meg Myers ft. Luna Shadows & Carmen Vandenberg – HTIS

“HTIS was inspired by becoming more acquainted with my subconscious mind. It’s about taking off the mask, exposing the insecurities and imperfections and allowing it all to be OK. HTIS is an acceptance of my inner child and a re-connection to my sexuality by reclaiming the purity of it for myself’, is what LA Singer-Songwriter Meg Myers has confessed about ‘HTIS’. Oh how we’re loving the aesthetic  of this strangely alluring love child of Nine Inch Nails and circa-2010 Lady Gaga. This is a bona-fide club track that’s sure to get you moving on that dance floor or for something you could totally picture being the soundtrack to ‘Queen of the Damned’ (for all you vampires lovers out there) – the Trent Reznor influence is bursting throughout this. The track features alt-pop artist Luna Shadows and guitarist Carmen Vandenberg from London rock band ‘Bones UK’.

Sonically, the vocal contrast in the chorus is a cherry topped cake, it almost sounds like a call and response with Luna’s soft register and Meg’s grit and angst flowing like a stream in the summer breeze, perfectly complements the industrial style present. Lyrically this track is a breath of fresh air, painting a picture of slowly making discoveries of your sexuality, empowering yourself and taking back what you rightfully own. It’s no longer just a desire but, instead an exploration of these.

Paired with the video, this is simply nothing more than a creative masterpiece from start to finish from the lighting and the backdrops to the makeup department, stylists and the camera work.

Be sure to catch Meg Myers opening for emo legends “My Chemical Romance” August 29 to September 5 across the states before returning for a hometown show in LA October 14. In the meantime be sure to stream “HTIS” now via Sumerian Records.

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3. IBARAKI ft. Gerard Way & Ihsahn – Rōnin

Matthew Heafy is no stranger to pushing boundaries in the realm of music, Trivium’s discography is telling of itself, so when Matt announced his new venture into Black Metal with his solo project ‘IBARAKI’ us and many others were excited to see where this would lead but, nowhere along these lines did we expect a collab with Gerard Way.

Starting off with a different tone – compared to the two previous releases – reminiscent of Trivium’s “When The World Goes Cold” but, shining with Matt’s ever evolving clean vocals before being suddenly hit with the brute end of force as Gerard Way’s screams enter the track, hitting that sweet spot for us Black Metal fans – tremolo galore, if you will. The harsh brutality and tone opens up a vocal dynamic that we were unaware resided within a talent like Gerard. That being said I’m sure we’re all eagerly awaiting for him to announce a Black Metal route for the new “My Chemical Romance” record, no?

On collaborating with Way, Matt had this to say, “Gerard Way has been a long-time inspiration for me — like Ihsahn and Nergal — I have looked to Gerard as a constant source of motivation to be creative. While Gerard and I may be from different genres than where Ibaraki and black metal stem from — outsiders of sorts — the spirit and intent of our performances is what unites our passion for pushing boundaries.” There’s no doubt in our minds that passion ebbed and flowed through this track.

For a nine minutes track “Rōnin” has everything you could possibly want and the tempo/stylistic changes aren’t too often that it feels cluttered nor spaced apart that you fall bored of the track but, would we expect any less from Matt? Not with a beautifully orchestrated acoustic bridge, we wouldn’t. The chorus fills that negative space with the ‘woah’s’ – which were done by Ihsahn’s family – and allows you to build up this anthemic chant of sorts before striking back in with the harsh vocals. For those of us who are suckers for guitar solo’s, they didn’t fail us in their quest delivering us with intricate melodies that lead into technical yet melodic storytelling through to the bridge. Capturing the true essence of Black Metal and the atmosphere that accompanies it we’re eager to see the surprises that follow with this record.

Be sure to pre-order the debut record, ‘RASHOMON’, out May 6 via Nuclear Blast Records, meanwhile you can catch the accompanied video below!

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