Book Of The Week #5

Words: Ali Iannattone

For our non-fiction lovers this week’s book of the week is ‘This Is Going to Hurt’ by Adam Kay. 

After graduating from Imperial College London in 2004 with a degree in medicine, Kay became a junior doctor and  progressed his career through the hospital until he finally quit medicine in 2010. After quitting he became a full time writer for tv shows and books alike. 

In 2017, seven years after his change of careers Kay released ‘This Is Going to Hurt’; which instantly became a Sunday Times Bestseller both in hardback and paperback. This was a great success for Kay given the book was his debut. 

However, its success didn’t stop there since just this year ‘This Is Going to Hurt’ also got adapted to a BBC mini-series by the same title starring Ben Whishaw. 

The book is non-fiction and consists of 6 years worth of Adam Kay’s diaries that he kept while working as a doctor. It therefore details everything from his starting out as an inexperienced and fearful junior doctor, to a confident and overworked obstetrics and gynaecology trainee and finally revealing the reason he decided to quit altogether. 

The book is for sure a laugh-out-loud book with Adam Kay’s humour never missing a beat while describing some of the oddest A&E encounters, a wildly entertaining cast of personalities and most comical one liners. 

Although what arguably makes the book most memorable are the more moving moments described by Kay; the deaths, the fatigue, the amount of times we see Kay miss out on his social life for his career. 

Perfect for lovers of non-fiction that reads like fiction, this book will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. ‘This Is Going to Hurt’ is a valuable read for anyone interested in finding out more about the life of our NHS workers, all the hard work they do for us and the poor conditions they do it in. 

Find your copy here: World of Books (used), Waterstones