International Women’s Day Special – Celebrating Women in Metal

Words: Shannon Eacups

On this special day we want to remind all people that women and metal go hand in hand. That’s why today we’re looking at inspiring women who are driving force for the genre.

Softcult – BWBB

Softcult are a Canadian grunge inspired shoegaze dream-pop duo created by twin sisters Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-horn who are commonly known for their work in the pop-punk trio, Courage My Love. The idea for this project arose after receiving various misogynistic messages for being females in a heavily male dominated industry and rest assured these women are a force to be reckoned with.

The band has grown in force and became much more than just another band for ‘angry women’ with the creation of their monthly zine’s, ‘SCriptures’, commentating on social and political issues in hopes to change the world as we know it to be. But the most striking quality about this band is undoubtedly their songwriting capabilities, writing music that relates to the struggles of being a woman through personal experiences, political agendas, mental health stigmas and inequalities.

‘BWBB (boys will be boys)’ is the opening track to their 2022 EP, ‘Year of the Snake’, and comments on the infamous phrase ‘boys will be boys’ which is arguably an excuse for much of men’s misogynistic behaviour towards women and this is meshed together a very Garbage-esque style; grungy guitars with softer vocals at the forefront but, still with that added attitude.

And if that wasn’t inspiring enough these girls also play their own instruments, record, produce, direct and edit EVERYTHING they release and if that isn’t a testament to their ability as musicians regardless of gender then I’m baffled as to what is. These girls are sure to cause a riot and inspire a generation the same way Hayley Williams was able to circa 2005.

Noctule – Elven Sword

Noctule is the black metal solo project from Svabard’s very own Serena Cherry; with a background in the genre she was eager to step back into her roots for this and create a concept album based around Skyrim which reminded her of the beloved genre. The album as a whole feels much more than a typical black metal album with certain areas feeling inspired by melodeath and blackgaze and at other times power metal.

‘Elven Sword’ however, has a tonne of emotion to pack and visually you can imagine snow cascading on the mountain scenery as you set into dusk on a quest as told through the guitar melodies in this epic fairytale. This track takes the best element of black metal with the fast-paced tremolo, blast beats and reverb drenched vocals and breathes life into the genre with her charisma yet in the same breath stays true to the genre’s roots.

As if we couldn’t fall in love with her anymore!

Her ability to know the ins and outs of guitar, bass, piano and drums has allowed her to hone her craft throughout her career and create art both alone and in collaboration and her love for video games has earned her a monthly segment at Kerrang! writing reviews about her favourite games. Serena keeps breaking stereotypes and proves that women can play with the big boys and we’re supporting her every step of the way. She’s not paying the victim, she’s the leader of the pack!