ICYMI: Top 5 News This Week

Words: Gery Hristova


‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ from Encanto, the newest animation by Disney, toped ‘Let It Go’ on Billboard Hot 100 Charts and soars to No. 1 on the UK’s Official Singles Chart. This has officially been the highest-charting song from a Disney film since 1995 and the first-ever original Disney song to top the UK Official chart’s 70-year history. Of course, this came as no surprise since the Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has written some of the songs.


Canadian pop artist Shawn Mendes used his Instagram to announce the release of a new song. The new track is called ‘Y’all Dig This?’.

The new track would mark the singer’s third solo single since the release of his ‘Wonder’ album, which came out in December 2020. If Mendes hits Number One again, compared to his last track ‘It’ll Be Okay’, which was a ballad about heartbreak, this one promises to be like some of his previous dance-pop works.


The largest UK example of a predator that roamed the seas at the time of the dinosaurs has been uncovered at the Rutland Water Nature Reserve. The fossil is 33 feet (10 metres) long and is about 180 million years old. The remains of the giant sea reptile are being called the greatest find in the history of British paleontology and are also thought to be the first ichthyosaur of its species (temnodontosaurus trigonodon) found in the country. 

Termed the Rutland Sea Dragon, these ichthyosaurs first appeared around 250 million years ago and became extinct 90 million years ago. They were an extraordinary group of marine reptiles that varied in size from one to more than 25 metres in length, and resembled dolphins in general body shape, says Anglian Waters.


A new rock ‘n’ roll memoir will be published on March 22, 2022. ‘All I Ever Wanted’ will tell the story of the American musician and songwriter Kathy Valentine, the bassist for the iconic pop-punk band the Go-Go’s, the group that also featured future solo stars Belinda Carlisle and Jane Weidlin.

In her new book, the member of the first all-female band ever to have a Number One album in the US, ‘Beauty And The Beat’, candidly opens up about her past – from the creation of the group to the difficulties she had faced during her life. Overall, All I Ever Wanted is a deeply personal reflection on a life spent in music and what price one has to pay to become so successful.


Oscar Isaac (‘Ex-Machina’, ‘Drive’) plays the newest Marvel superhero ‘Moon Knight’. In just a few days the official trailer for the upcoming Disney + series had over 25 million views. Moon Knight is a character in a less well-known Marvel comic series who is an ex-Marine turned mercenary with an identity disorder, tied in with Egyptian mythology.

This time, unlike the others Marvel Studios series which were based on existing characters from the company’s pre-2019 feature films, ‘Moon Knight’ charts a brand new path, with a totally new set of characters and a storyline that has no clear initial connection to the MCU, says Variety.