Monday Mover #6: Lady Bird – Bludsuckers

Words: Gery Hristova

Welcome to LDN’s Monday Mover! Each week we’ll post a track to get the pulse rate up a little. Enjoy!

Who are we talking about this week?

This week we’re talking about the Kent punk band Lady Bird formed by three friends – Don Bird (vocals/guitar/organ), Alex Deadman (guitar), Joe Walker(drums). The trio mixes up a heavy rock and punk sound, creating a mixture of fast-paced songs with hard-edged melodies.

What’s it called?

Bludsuckers via Alcopop! Records

Why do we like it?

This time with the help of the indie record label Alcopop! (Johnny ForeignerFight Like Apes) Lady Bird released their new single Bludsuckers’, which is the final track of the debut album ‘WE’, set for release on February 25.

The new song has a raw signature sound and the track is all about ‘emotional vampires’ or, as described by the band: “Bludsuckers is a mild rant which offers guidance to victims who fall prey to emotional drainers.” But that’s not all – the track focuses on the celebration of survival and life, it’s a song that captures the turbulence and hardships that the band had to go through in order to become who they are. In other words, the emotions induced and the strong sense of brotherhood and friendship that got them through it all. 

Where do I find out more?

Check out their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Website.

Listen here: