LDN’s Best Of 2021: Gaming

Video games have become more of a safe space and a place for comfort rather than entertainment and leisure in 2021. Because of the anxiety and stress caused by the dark times of the pandemic, many games have grown in popularity as an alternative escape from the real world providing a fictional scenario for the player to lose themselves in. Ghosthunting, building, exploring and spending time with your friends is the minimum that the video game world has to offer…  

Words: Anna Runa – Umbrasko

10. DOOM Eternal

The award-winning first-person shooter game has been called “one of the best shooters ever” by GameRevolution and it has been a comfort game for many gamers throughout 2021. Developed by id Software, the game allows you to become a slayer and conquer demons across dimensions to stop the destruction of humanity. Even though the game is a bit expensive, it has proved to be worth it and has also been awarded for the best soundtrack by Steam. 

9. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart 

An exclusive PlayStation 5 release by Insomniac Games has made the year more adventurous by letting gamers travel through different galaxies and fight the evil Doctor Nefarious. Exploring an exciting story and third-person shooting, the narrative keeps being as entertaining as ever and the instant-loading when switching between dimensions is stunning. The game has proved to have impressive software and will be a treasure for technology lovers as the game works on multiple levels and has been designed to show off what the PS5 technology is capable of doing. 

8. Phasmophobia

Ever thought about going ghosthunting with your friends? It’s now a reality after installing Phasmophobia on your PC, or even more real when connecting the game to your VR oculus. Using tools such as EMF readers, flashlights, candles, cameras, thermometers, journals, ouija boards and much more, your task is to discover the type of ghost haunting a specific area you have been given. Just remember to say your goodbyes after using an ouija board because who knows.. One of your friends might suddenly get killed by the spirit.  

7. Animal Crossing 

Still one of the most cutest and innocent games out there, Animal Crossing is continuing to warm people’s hearts like a glass of hot chocolate with its colourful scenery and cosiness of the characters. Having it as a pocket game on a Nintendo Switch makes it a special ritual of the day and provides a more intimate experience when diving into the stories of different characters in the village. Because of the recent troubles and stress caused by the pandemic, the game is a very nice anxiety relief and has a therapeutic feeling to it. 

6. Minecraft 

Mojang’s Minecraft still manages to stay stronger as ever, holding the position as one of the most played games ever. With its new update in 2021 – Caves & Cliffs the game has been evolving even more, providing players with new biomes, blocks, animals, mobs and areas to explore. What has always made Minecraft special is its ability to never age, even though released in 2011.

5. Resident Evil: Village 

The eighth major entry in the Resident Evil franchise, featuring the iconic vampire mommy Dimitrescu and fantastically cringy dialogues, has definitely left its mark in the internet culture of 2021. This release is very strong with its visual storytelling, graphics and first-person action, however, failed to prove itself with strong and believable acting. Not everyone can act as cool as Ethan Winters when a house is burning down and another character just falls into a pit of flames burning to death. 

4. Crab Game 

For the ones with a broken sense of humour, Crab Game will be the perfect way how to spend your free time and interact with the chaos caused by other fellow gamers. Following the success of Netflix’s and even Roblox’s Squid Game, Dani has created their own f***ed up version. What makes this game special is the pureness of humanity in a non-moderated voice chat which means that anyone can say anything, creating an asylum-type of atmosphere.

3. Dead by Daylight

If you have ever fantasized about killing your friends and getting revenge about that one time they skipped all your TikToks, now is your chance. In this 4vs1 horror multiplayer, one person takes on the role of a killer while the others are trying to avoid being caught, tortured and killed in order to complete tasks and escape the scene. Because of the pandemic and a lot of restrictions put in place, this is a fun activity to do instead of a face-to-face party and spend quality murdering time with your friends.

2. Genshin Impact 

A saviour for all the weebs, Genshin Impact offers to enter a beautiful open fantasy world of Teyvat where you have a chance to take on a journey to experience the seven nations teeming with life. Harnessing the power of Gods, extinguishing unquenchable flames and unlocking epic characters to play with is just the minimum of what this game has to offer. It has gained popularity because of its simple accessibility (free on all platforms, also available on mobile) and beautiful artwork created by the developers of miHoYo.


Coming from the developers of Riot Games, this first-person shooter game has taken over 2021 with its unique selling point – diverse agents, abilities, lore (connected to League of Legends), artistry and exciting events all year through. Appraised by streamers, cosplayers, e-girls and professional gamers, the game has made itself known through a lot of success including championships, collaborations, awards and much more. This will be a fresh pick for anyone loving Overwatch, Apex Legends or even Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

A Recent Valorant Music Video created by Riot Games: