BIMM Introducing: jelia

Words: Victoria Madzak

‘each time you fall’ is the debut single from 20-year-old Julia Wyszkowska, aka jelia. With a dream of pursuing her music career, the Warsawian moved to London last year to study songwriting at BIMM London. Her musical influences are a diverse mix of old jazz artists, such as Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole, and new queens of ballads, for example Adele and Jorja Smith.

Lyrically, the song is a reflection on past, and possibly future, love affairs. It portrays the process of being a little bit less emotionally invested in each relationship and therefore ending up feeling less hurt with each time a lover lets you down. And while it might seem to get ‘kinda easier’ as the years pass by and you learn to grow from negative experiences, it leaves a heavy feeling in your heart when you realise you will never be able to take the pain away from your younger self, who didn’t know they deserved so much more.

the sleeve to jelia’s ‘each time you fall’

The song was written by jelia and produced by Micah Volter, leading to a contrasting fusion of lo-fi and indie pop, with piano sounds guiding jelia’s unique, calm voice and vibrant drum breaks to make a catchy chorus. It’s one of those rare kind of songs that could be played on the radio 24/7 but you wouldn’t end up getting sick of it, the kind of song you would find on countless Spotify playlists when you look up “relaxing” or “study” music. The song has potential to speak to a broad audience, and so does jelia, which is why we believe she definitely made the right career choice.

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