The Perfect Playlist #1 – ‘You’re In A Movie’

A perfect musical playlist for an act, genre, or situation curated for you, every week.

Words: Charlie Scarrott

The term ‘Main-Character Energy’ is a phrase that’s being uttered frequently among Gen Z-ers. Incorporating nostalgia, impulsiveness and all-round fun, the term is often associated with people who live in the moment and experience life for what is. The case in point? Creating your journey, a story. A metaphorical yet philosophical trip down the lane also known as love, loss, heartache, heartbreak and affection. Plus, a bundle of unforgettable memories piled in-between. If these experiences had a soundtrack and your life had a musical overlay what would play? That is for you and only you to decide but in this first instalment of ‘The Perfect Playlist’ we’re going to give you some suggestions…

“The number one thing to observe when listening to a song is how the song can make a person feel.”

The number one thing to observe when listening to a song is how the song can make a person feel. If one can picture an experience within their head that the track complements, then they’re halfway there to creating their own movie. The other half is left for going out and actually living this motion picture.

Music-wise, this week’s ‘Main-Character Energy’ and ‘You’re In A Movie’ vibes will consist of two things: nostalgic, dreamy guitar effects and lyrics you can scream at the top of lungs. This usually results in a sore throat and a loss of voice, causing your loved-ones to panic, so approach this with care. In terms of the effects, reverb and chorus are both crucial mainstays in these types of songs and since the compositions usually consist of electric guitars, basses, synths and acoustic drum kits, the music is often labelled under the indie/alternative, and from the ever-popular dream-pop canon.

There’s an element of feeling carefree when listening to music and picturing yourself in a movie. It’s an escape and a switch of reality from the everyday to the imagination. A musical journey through some of life’s greatest wonders and a guidebook through some of its hardest questions and propositions.

However – most importantly – it’s the feeling of enjoyment that the music itself brings.

Need some help arranging your soundtrack? In no particular order, roll the cameras and allow us to guide you…

  1. ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie

2. ‘Golden’ by Harry Styles

3. ‘Where’d All the Time Go?’ by Dr. Dog

4. ‘Kilby Girl’ by The Backseat Lovers

5. ‘Waiting For The Tide’ by Cody Simpson

6. ‘Freakin Out On the Interstate’ by Briston Maroney