Monday Mover #4: Night Moves – Fallacy Actually

Welcome to LDN’s Monday Movers! Each week we’ll post a track to get the pulse rate up a little. Enjoy!

Words: Gery Hristova

Who are we talking about this week? 

Night Moves are an American indie-rock quartet originating from Minneapolis. They formed in 2012 have been signed to classic British indie label Domino (Sebadoh, Anna Calvi, Franz  Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys… the list goes on) since their debut ‘Colored Emotions’. Three albums later, they are back with a bunch of new songs that draw from their background of 70s Americana, 80s dream-pop and psychedelic-melancholic country music. 

What’s it called? 

‘Fallacy Actually’ out now on Domino Records 

Why do we like it? 

‘Fallacy Actually’ was recorded at Pachyderm Studios outside of the band’s hometown with renowned indie-rock producer John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr., Mark Lanegan) during the pandemic and is the first song of a series to be released by the end of the next year.  Says singer John Pelant, “I wanted it to have a NOVA, UFO abduction, backroom Estonian roller rink discotheque kind of vibe.  The song went through a lot of changes, styles, and moods. I think we ended up in a nice place. I love the soft flute – makes me think of Canned Heat meets Motown meets The Spinners on acid.” LDN never thought we’d see those three acts in a sentence…  

To us, this dreamy single is based on the emotions we all feel at some point of our lives – personal fears and letting go. What’s more, with its groovy retro sound this song could easily fit into the next Arcade Fire album. 

Listen here: 

Where do I find out more? 

Check their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.