Monday Mover #3: Big Softy – Supercomputer

Welcome to LDN’s Monday Movers! Each week we’ll post a track to get the pulse rate up a little. Enjoy!

Words: Gery Hristova

Who are we talking about this week?

Big Softy is a Leeds-based duo of ex-Weirds vocalist Aidan Razzall and guitarist/keyboard player Tom Orrell, who, after years of collaboration on other projects, have just released their first song together, ‘Supercomputer’.

Why do we like it?

If you’re fan of LCD Soundsystem and Underworld’s music then you should add this band to your favourite playlist of electronic rock, beats and dance music. The song is inspired by the theory of Roko’s Basilisk, a thought experiment about the potential risks involved in developing artificial intelligence and its power to kill a person only with power of thought. “I wanted to write from a different perspective, something un-human and cold,” says Razzall, “AI that could become so powerful it could retrospectively punish anyone that didn’t contribute to its existence.” Even if the song and interesting concept doesn’t fit your personal preferences, the video is something that might get your attention. It’s simply a digital mess of colours and animals. Fans online so far have reacted well to their low-budget, surreal and children’s TV-like style. 10/10 for bizarre creativity, guys.

Listen here:

Where do I find out more?

Check out their – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram