High Morale Releases Their New Single and Music Video for ‘Face to Face’

Words: Anna Runa – Umbrasko

The indie-electro band High Morale are inviting you on an adventure in their new single ‘Face to Face’, an insight for their upcoming debut EP set to be released later this summer.

For the fans of Glass Animals, Daft Punk and Chet Faker, High Morale will be a fresh find and set the perfect vibe for the summer of 2021. Using echoes, synths and different kinds of drum sets, the Brooklyn-based group – Brandon Hoogenboom (vocals) , Kylie Koch (vocals/instrument/role) and Clay Cornelius (instrument/role) – have created an atmospheric, video game-type of feeling when their music is playing, especially in their new track ‘Face to Face’.

High Morale’s new release is also paired with an illustrated and animated music video that includes references to sci-fi films such as Dune, Star Wars and Fantastic Planet. The video’s artwork was handcrafted by award-winning US visual artist Robbie C. Ward blending Prismacolour pencils and acrylic paint, and animated by the High Morale’s singer, Brandon Hoogenboom. The animation showcases cute sci-fi characters called “fluffadillos” battling rat dragons while the band members themselves merge with machines and trees.

Brandon recalls: “I initially approached Robbie and said we wanted a video of us exploring a random planet. Robbie loves Star Wars and Fantastic Planet and came up with a whole concept and storyline that was just insanely creative. We storyboarded for a good two months, timing out each shot in how it will fit throughout the song. He drew all the backgrounds and characters and then I animated them.”

The group formed very recently from a feel-good friendship and has so far released only four singles with an announcement of an upcoming summer EP. High Morale originally started as a collaboration project between Brandon’s songwriting and Clay’s production skills, expanding to include Kylie later on. Their energy and vibe has clicked and blended in well creating extraordinary pieces of art in their music.

About the new single ‘Face to Face’, Kylie says: “When Brandon and I first listened to this track, it had an otherworldly dreamlike quality to it. The lyrics are inspired by crazy, vivid dreams where you’re in familiar yet unfamiliar settings, with someone you’re longing to reconnect with. Brandon had the super-catchy chorus idea, ‘Do you have time for that?’ and it perfectly captured the vulnerability yet boldness of waking up and reaching out to that person for a second chance.” The track does prove itself as very catchy and the video showcases High Morale’s creativity leaving the viewer wanting to see even more.

Listen to High Morale’s ‘Face to Face’ here.

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