New Music Friday 16/04/2021

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but it feels like everyone is a lot happier this week. Pubs and shops being open has had a good influence on everybody’s mood, however not on my bank balance. Oops. This week we picked out some great songs for you, read on so you can impress your friends in the pub with your knowledge about these brand-new tunes. 

Editor: Megan Hofman

Baby Queen – Dover Beach (Polydor Records)

On of LDN’s favourite new artists is back with a brand-new release. Baby Queen’s new track ‘Dover Beach’ premiered Thursday as Hottest Record in The World on BBC Radio 1. 

This song was written on a trip Bella took to Dover beach, she explained that it had always been a dream to visit ever since being obsessed with the poem ‘Dover Beach’ by Matthew Arnold. The song was written on the beach and tells the story of infatuation. That moment when you’re becoming so obsessed with that one person, they can’t seem to escape your mind, no matter where you go. Very relatable..

Bella is on a roll and seems to write banger after banger. It’s no surprise her previous release ‘Raw Thoughts’ was Greg James’ Radio 1 Breakfast Show ‘Tune of the Week’. ‘Dover Beach’ is no exception, it’s an absolute banger. With the song she released a beautiful music video shot on Dover Beach, I mean where else? And that’s not all for the 23rd year old Queen of the babies, she also announced her debut headline show at Omeara in London on the 9th of November which already sold out. No need to cry though, another date has been added on the 10th of November so if you’re quick you might be able to get hold of a ticket and hear these bangers live!

Words: Megan Hofman

Royal Blood – Boilermaker (Warner Records) 

Royal Blood’s newest hint into their upcoming third album is a snappy, moody single that further implies that not much has changed in four years for the Brighton rock duo. Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher showed their hand too soon with their head-turning eponymous debut in 2014, when they brought a devastatingly huge sound from essentially, a rhythm section. With Kerr sporting a squealing bass with more pedals and effects than you could shake a stick at, and Thatcher seemingly determined to burst the skins of his drums, Royal Blood created a new subset of modern British rock that made you feel like a hard nut walking down the street. This is likely why their newest video for ‘Boilermaker’ takes such an emphasis on a character strutting, although I like to think that they don’t make you walk quite like that. 

However, three albums in with no discernible change in course from the well-established sound and the group’s once-new take is getting spread thin. In fairness, an attempt has been made in the form of the odd added instrumental component like the occasional synth or layered vocals. The two has also leaned towards a pop, even disco accent with ‘Trouble’s Coming’ and ‘Limbo’, which I appreciate, but I’d rather see more meaningful song writing and structural experimentation instead of just pouring some swirly synths into the same formula.  

While ‘Boilermaker’ isn’t exactly an exception to the group’s slump in originality, the bass riff and drum groove dance around each other perfectly, and despite its simplicity, is one of the groups most effective bit of song writing in a long while. The highlight on this single is the rather leisurely instrumental break that begins in the second half. It feels separated and more sinister than the rest of the track. This separation is shown in the video by being the only moment where colour is used and of course, in the form of an apt blood-red.

Words: Doug Phillips

Josie Man – Little Space (Promised Land Records)

BIMM London alumni, Josie Man, released a gorgeous tribute to her parents with her new song ‘Little Space’. With a delicate and angelic vocal which has been compared to British pop star Lily Allen, Josie sings of the lessons she learnt from her mother and father and her appreciation for the love she felt growing up. The beautifully uncomplicated gentle piano ballad is accompanied by video consisting of home videos of Josie growing up with her sisters and parents and heart-warming moments of her and her parents now. Friends and family are a big part of Josie’s life and this can be seen in her previous R&B-tinged single ‘4 in a Row’ which is another tribute to her parents and her 3 sisters. 

Nowadays, when it’s easy to get caught up and beaten down by all the negativity in the world, Josie Mann spreads kindness and joy with honesty in her music and in a world where it seems all is grey, she brings colour and light and is definitely one to keep on your radar right now!

Words: Hollie Sackett

The Struts ft. Paris Jackson – Low Key in Love (Interscope Records) 

British rock band The Struts and Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson teamed up for a brand-new single called ‘Low Key in Love’. The lead singer’s, Luke Spiller, and Jackson’s soulful vocal exchange, paired with dreamy guitar strums and a low groove, is a song about hiding your feelings from the one you are falling in love with and inspired by a real-life-experience. 

Spiller remembers a date he had in Los Angeles’ 70’s retro bar Good Times at Davey Wayne’s. “I walked into the studio explaining that we needed the song to have the essence you feel when entering the bar and absorb the vibe”, he explained – and Jackson’s acoustic set that she once played for him beforehand seemed perfect for the track. 

Jackson has been a fan of The Struts for years and is grateful for not only the opportunity to feature on the song, but also for the friendship she has with Spiller. Their vocal chemistry is undeniable as Spiller’s rock sound and Jackson’s folk harmonies unite in a catchy and happy melody that will definitely stay in your head for the rest of spring and guide you into summer with nothing but positive energy.

Words: Victoria Madzak

Cautious Clay – Karma and Friends

Singer-songwriter and producer Cautious Clay has announced the release of his eagerly anticipated debut album ‘Deadpan Love’ which is due to drop June 25th but, in the meantime, has shared the lead single from the record ‘Karma & Friends’. Opening with a serene orchestral introduction that collides with a smooth Hip Hop and R&B track, the former SoundCloud producer mixes his early classical influences into a world of soulful, polished beats. He also shared the music video for the single – a retro quality, dream-like tale which is very fitting to the vibe of the song and a very entertaining watch.

Cautious Clay has taken his musicality to another level since the release of this 2019 EP ‘Table of Context’ and 2018 EP ‘Blood Type’ that included the synthy and soulful ‘Cold War’ which was sampled on Taylor Swifts ‘London Boy’ on her album ‘Lover’ and has also released three other tracks that are to appear on the upcoming album – ‘Roots’, ‘Dying in Subtlety’ and ‘Agreeable’ and if these four tracks are anything to go by, ‘Deadpan Love’ will be an essential record for you this summer.

Words: Hollie Sackett

Banner photo credit: Clark Franklyn

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