News: BIMM Students Host Ignite Festival Of Live Music And Industry Panels This Week – And It’s Free (But They Need Your Donations)

Words: Gery Hristova

Are you wondering how to warm up for the summer festivals? If the answer is ‘yes’, then we have some good news for you. BIMM London and Music Venue Trust are bringing you three days of live music combined with conferences online for all of you music lovers, from Saturday April 17 to Monday April 19.

Ignite Festival 2021 will introduce you to some of BIMM’s best talent from rock to pop to soul to folk, but do you also want to learn more about the music industry and the future of live music venues from the comfort of your laptop? The event, which founded by current BIMM students studying Popular Music Practice, is promising some excellent conferences, led by music entrepreneurs and other practitioners alongside live performances. 

The conferences run from 2pm-5pm and will feature: Vocal health 101 with Rachel Black, Pop and Classical Vocals Workshop with Emin Eminzada and 2% Rising Panel (Sunday April 18); Binaural Engineering with Lorenzo Veronese, Power Of Music And PR with Rob Goldstone and Multiple Artist Revenue Streams with Femi Oyewole (Monday April 19).

For live music, performances start at 6pm with: Leyla Ley, Salah ZhouriFifi Robo, Phil Boothroyd and Ded Mic (Saturday April 17), Winnie Ama, Ben Kidson, Jason Payne And The Black Leather RidersNyszaAruna (Sunday April 18), Deza, Will SpencerArmanious, AVC (Monday April 19).

How to join? It’s super easy, just sign up for free on their official web page

Ignite is also raising money for the Music Venue Trust to help save grass roots venues in trouble. Dig deep and donate here:

Ignite Festival – get involved!

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