Squid to record Record Store Day release live-to-vinyl on BBC 6 Music

Words by Thomas-Bradey Riseley 

The process is the same as ever, starting off with no clue of what we’re doing, stumbling along together, each inputting our ideas into the music until it starts to take shape.” – Arthur from Squid

Experimental Bristol-based band Squid are to participate in an exciting live-to-vinyl recording challenge live on the Steve Lamacq show on BBC 6 Music. 

Squid will be recording two new songs from their upcoming album Bright Green Field, which will form the new EP, live and straight-to-vinyl at Metropolis Studios. The event will resurrect the traditional format of recording for vinyl by capturing the performance in one take and preparing it for processing it on Metropolis’ unique in-house cutting lathes. As the performance is being taped and sent for pressing within the day, being broadcasted live on the radio enhances the pressure of the one-take experience. 

The performance will be broadcasted on BBC 6 Music Wednesday April 7 at 5pm during the Steve Lamacq show.

Squid host Steve Lamacq. Credit: BBC

The unparalleled live radio broadcast aspect no doubt would’ve complicated proceedings, the entire event will comply with current social distancing guidelines. Gavin Newman of Metropolis Studios stated “Being able to provide that safe platform from which artists can create, perform and broadcast has been overwhelming. We sincerely hope that this live to vinyl experience with our friends at RSD, Warp Records, Sound Performance and BBC 6 Music will help kickstart the wider live community with a newfound confidence for the year ahead”.

The special event is part of this year’s Record Store Day launch. Once recorded, the live tracks will be processed by Sound Performance and fans can grab a copy of the 12” record exclusively from independent record stores on Saturday July 17.

Record Store Day celebrates the culture of independent record stores. More than 240 shops will be taking part up and down the UK. Due to Covid-19 the 2021 event will be on Saturday June 12 and Saturday July 17.

Find out how Record Store Day survived the turbulent 2020, read our interview with founder and organiser of Record Store Day, Megan Page.

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