Nook’s Cranny #3 – Necessary Products for the Gamer Boy Aesthetic

Words: Mio Ferranden

Another one for all the gamers out there – if you want the more masculine aesthetic (no matter your gender) then check out this array of goodies to add to your set up.

Let There Be Light

As you must know already, no gaming setup is complete without some epic lighting to add to the atmosphere. Even if you’re not necessarily streaming, having cool lights around your room could definitely make the gaming experience a bit more fun.

If you have the budget for it, start with a few NANOLEAF lights. They’re brilliant looking and certainly one hell of a vibe. You can even control them via your voice, fingers, or phone! Check them out here: NANOLEAF Shapes

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper then maybe go for LED strip lights. They’re cheaper and even light up the whole room, within reason. Try these ones out: 20m LED Strip Lights.

Vibey Desk

A gaming desk is one of the most sought after parts of a gaming setup, so if you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right. You need something sturdy, tall, and, of course, aesthetic. 

For the ultimate aesthetic we can’t not recommend this X Rocker LED Gaming Desk. It has the ‘K’ shaped legs to perfectly support your heavy monitor set and even has LED lights up the legs and around the desk surface with full colour options! I recommend making the colour theme of your room/setup, for example, my colour theme is pink/white/blue with a heavy influence on pink and white, so my desk is set up as blue. 

Here’s a bit of a tip before you go buying though: check the specs! You don’t want to get a desk that’s too tall for how high your chair goes, or too short, so make sure you check the minimum and maximum height of both before buying. The same goes for width and having space for your monitors. 

Comfy Chair

We can’t recommend some great chairs to support your gaming and back at the same time to the girl aesthetic and not also the boy aesthetic. The only thing that beats ergonomic support is suiting your vibe, so check these chairs out. 

If you have the funds then definitely check out this X Rocker RGB LED Gaming Chair. It has full back and neck support but also has really cool LED lights wrapping around the whole chair! It’s also faux leather so you can still be good to our animal friends. 

Don’t worry if that chair will break the bank a little too much, there’s plenty of really good looking and supportive more budget-friendly gaming chairs. This Argos Home Gaming Chair, for example, has multiple colour options so it can suit your set up and still has plenty of support for those long gaming sesh’s. 

Fan Cover

Spicing up the inside of your PC is another way to go to vamp up your setup overall. You could replace some of the interior with cooler looking stuff but why risk it? This easy but just as cool alternative is another great option. 

Try adding a fan cover on top of your fan! You can get these plastic cutouts that screw on top of your fans and make them look even cooler while also adding a bit of  personalisation. See if you like anything on SakuraiArmory’s store. 

Switch Case

Another great way to show off your favourite games is by choosing accessories that represent them. Perhaps you could do with a new or more interesting Nintendo Switch case? Why not install some shelves above your setup and you can display a whole bunch of them!

If you love Breath of the Wild then this Sheikah Slate Switch Case is a really cool way to show off your love for the game while protecting a beloved console. If you don’t like Breath of the Wild then just look up “*favourite game* switch case” on Etsy and you should be able to find something you love. 

Let us know how you get on with some of these products below!

What products do you recommend? 

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