Wish EU Were Here: Solomun – Kreatur der Nacht (ft. Isolation Berlin)

Words: Nina de Sanders

The collaboration between legendary DJ and producer Solomun and punk band Isolation Berlin seems unlikely, but their genres merge seamlessly on ‘Kreatur der Nacht’. 

Solomun, who was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and grew up in Hamburg, has been producing music for over 15 years. As a child of the 80s, he explains that he has always wanted to make a track inspired by the punk and new wave elements of that time, Isolation Berlin were the perfect collaborators. The Berlin based noise band have shaken up the German rock scene with their distinctive sound and attitude, and unfiltered and honest writing.

Kreatur der Nacht is primal, industrial, and cold. Screeching guitar sounds morph into soul shaking techno beats. The aggressive vocals are harrowing at times, like a mantra, as Tobias Bamborschke shouts

‘Ich will nicht länger sein // Alles was ich bin // Alles was ich war // Lege ich nun ab’

The track perfectly captures Berlin and its aesthetic. It’s as awe-inspiring as it is gritty and mysterious. It wouldn’t be out of place on the Berghain playlist. 

The music video for ‘Kreatur der Nacht’, directed by Golden Globe winner Fatih Akin, further portrays that aesthetic. You can watch it here:



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