New Music Friday 31/03/2023

Today’s New Music Friday is filled with comebacks from old favourites and the debuts of potential new ones. From Thomas Headon’s ode to a friend, Maisie Peters celebrating her breakup, Melanie Martinez reinventing herself, Neuro Placid standing against nepo babies, to Olivia Dean allowing herself to be vulnerable – it’s all about healing, self-acceptance and finding your own path one way or another.

Words: Vicky Madzak and Hollie Sackett

#1 Thomas Headon – i loved a boy

London’s favourite indie boy Thomas Headon is back with his brand new single ‘i loved a boy’. It is the first song he has written that isn’t from his very own perspective, insead it’s from a friend’s, who was struggling to cope with a breakup and turned to Headon for advice. Having already played the song live on tour last year and shared snippets on TikTok, fans were anticipating it’s release, and Headon in return planned an event for fans to celebrate the release together. Musically, ‘i loved a boy’ carries a head-bopping melody and a catchy chorus that will be stuck in your head after one listen, whether you want it to or not.

#2 Maisie Peters – Lost The Breakup

‘Lost The Breakup’ is Maisie Peters’ second single from her upcoming second album ‘The Good Witch’. On Instagram, Peters’ expressed her love for the song and its power for good and healing. The lyrics deal with a bad break-up and only one person seemingly hurting, but instead of wishing ill on the other person and drowning herself in self-pity, Peters’ sings about being convinced that eventually she will find out that it was her who actually “won the break-up”, as she moves onto bigger and better things. ‘Lost The Breakup’ is a well thought-through girly-pop-anthem that is definitely needed.

#3 Melanie Martinez – PORTALS

After a 3 year hiatus and “killing off” her Crybaby alter ego, Melanie Martinez has released her highly anticipated third album ‘PORTALS’ and completely reinvented herself. Her new pink alien character stands for rebirth and growth – a theme that reoccurs throughout the entire album. Whether it’s her new era’s darker, rockier sound, or the lyrics that target setting boundaries, gaining self-worth and fighting against all evil on the in and outside. It is safe to say that Martinez took an unexpected turn with ‘PORTALS’, yet the juxtaposition of her recognizable sweet voice and harsh lyrics stays consistent.

#4 Neuro Placid – Silly In The Mental

‘Silly In The Mental’ marks Neuro Placid’s debut – a new and upcoming London born and raised creative whose real name is Ollie Brown. The best way to describe his alter-ego and artistry would be to cite his very own Spotify biography: “imagine that in a parallel universe, Johnny Rotten had a rap career”. Lyrically, ‘Silly In The Mental’ calls out champagne socialism and enlightens the listener about the reality of working-class-individuals trying to built a music career from scratch, which can often lead to poverty and homelessness. Placid’s bold musical combination of punk and hip-hop is rare and distinctive, a bright future most definitely lays ahead of him.  

#5 Olivia Dean – Dive

London soul super star Olivia Dean dropped her single ‘Dive’ after teasing the song on her recent UK and Europe tour. The lyrics tell the story of falling for someone and finally feeling understood – ready to dive right into loving somebody. Dive is the perfect uplifting R’n’B track to take us into the summer months. With a sound that is somewhat reminiscent of artists such as Corrine Bailey Rae and Erykah Badu, she is one the UK’s most exciting young artists. This week, Dean announced her debut album ‘MESSY’ which is due for release in June. After songs such as ‘Be My Own Boyfriend’ and ‘The Hardest Part’ that display heartfelt lyrics and a gorgeous soulful voice, this is set to be the album of the summer.

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