Monday Movers 24/10/22

Welcome to LDN’s Monday Movers! Each week we’ll post a few tracks to get your pulse rate up a little. Enjoy!

Words: Andrea Naess

#1 Paisley Parc – Complicated

Welsh indie rock band Paisley Parc’s ‘Complicated’ features Bring Me the Horizon producer Romesh Dodangona, so just by knowing this you already know this one is going to hit. The song kicks off with a crafty keyboard played by Morgan Stubbs and followed with the lyrics ‘Don’t call the doctor he won’t save you tonight’. ‘Complicated’ brings up topics like frustrations, and more specifically in terms of how the state of the world is right now with economic crisis, war, and a recent global pandemic. So, if you have also been feeling a bit hopeless and angry lately, have a listen to this one.


“Head over heels is a song about falling in love, getting hurt, and doing it all over again. There’s so much beauty in the cyclic nature of heartbreak and I wrote this song as a reminder that most pain is temporary.”  says the rising Welsh singer and songwriter Edie Bens about her newest single ‘HEAD OVER HEELS’. The song feels like a bear-hug, a comforter in the cold autumn nights, and a reminder that everything’s going to be ok. The gifted songwriter started writing songs already at age 10, and by the age of 13 she was dying to start performing. If you would like to see the song live, she’s coming to Lafayette in London 22. November, so make sure to grab your ticket. 


Norwegian punk-metal artist Fullmåne recur with his newest self-release ‘Fly through the City’. A hauling, disturbing and nightmare-ish sound is taking us through a portal of broken dreams and a hopeless maze of the modern urban life. We especially love the raw and unfiltered lyrics: “Puke up in the city, I’m living the dream”. The music video complements the song perfectly with the shots of the dark side of city life, and has a DIY style to it which we dig. LDN thinks this is the best release from him so far and are keen to see what the future holds for the rising underground artist.

#4 Cavetown – frog

Oxford-based Robert Skinner, better known as Cavetown has released ‘frog’, the third single from his upcoming album ‘worm food’. ‘frog’, corresponding with the nature-inspired music video has the typical dreamy bedroom pop aesthetic that many associate Cavetown with. The song features some special synth sounds, that reminds of a frog quacking, and with the clever lyrics “I’m your frog, kiss me better all night long”, this one is perfect for all hopeless romantics out there. Out now via Warner Records Label. 

#5 girl in red – October passed me by

Our last pick for this week’s Monday Movers goes to girl in red with ‘October passed me by’. The Norwegian dream pop star rose to fame in 2018 with ‘we fell in love in october’ and ended up on New York Times’ list over best music of 2018. It’s nice to see Marie Ulven return to her October-theme in her newest single. The song has very meaningful and beautiful lyrics such as ‘You were the first to make me feel like I was me’, and a charming music video featuring someone else looking at Ulver, perhaps her lover from a past life?