Wish EU Were Here: Tea Sofia

Words by Nina de Sanders

At just 18 years of age, Tea Sofia has recently released her debut album ‘Stani’. She first rose to the attention of the local pop scene back in 2018 with her hit single Pretend, followed by an ambitious EP called ‘Unwind’.

4am, from the 4am EP

Being born and raised Czech Republic, this young singer-songwriter embraces her Lituanian and Serbian roots. ‘Stani’, which means ‘Stop’ in Serbian, showcases that as she combines English lyrics with those in her mother tongue. 

A stand-out track from the album is 4am, a RnB-fuelled emotional pop tune, tailor-made for Gen Z as her words capture the feelings of this generation. The song starts off slow, just Tea’s strong and distinguishable voice, guided by a piano. The chorus introduces us to a low-fi beat and backing vocals not unlike a Billie Eilish mega hit. 

Earlier this year Tea Sofia won Czeching, a music competition with a jury of 18 music experts from all over Europe, music professionals from the BBC and MENT. Through winning the award Tea was selected to perform at Eurosonic Festival 2021

For fans of: Billie Eilish, Shura, Jorja Smith  

Follow Tea Sofia on Instagram

Listen to Tea Sofia’s album ‘Stani’ below.

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