New Music Friday 20/11/2020

As we are nearing December everyone gets a little bit more excited for Christmas. Although Christmas 2020 might be very different than expected, the holidays always have a special feeling. A different mood that you only get into when the sun sets at 4pm. But before we switch over to only listening to Christmas music there is still plenty of new, exciting, non-Christmas music being released.

Editor: Megan Hofman

The New Twentys – Inside Out

Talking about new music Friday, The New Twentys just released their first ever single ‘Inside Out’. The band consists of brothers Jimmy and Harris Morris and Chris Bourne who was, before joining the band, the bassist of a successful US group. The guys met in the London live music scene, without any intention they became very invested in making music together and so The New Twentys were born. ‘Inside Out’ immediately shows their musical ability, with a great intro that sets the tone.  Interesting enough they lacked a drummer on this record but for the musical trio it didn’t seem like a problem as they managed to create something spectacular with just the three of them. You can hear their love for Talking Heads and other big 80’s bands especially with the way they layered the melodies and unique vocals, which is done beautifully. With the whole record being a DIY and entirely independent project, we can’t wait to see what more they have in store. 

Listen on Spotify here.

Words: Megan Hofman

Bearings – Hello, It’s You (Pure Noise Records)

If you are looking for a new band to obsess over, look no further. Canadian five-piece Bearings have just released their second full-length album, called ‘Hello, It’s You’, and it is guaranteed to fill the pop-punk shaped hole in your heart. The album features pre-released single ‘Sway’, a song that takes you back to the late 90’s within seconds. It’s punky guitars and poppy hooks remind me of a modern version of the Bowling For Soup hit song ‘1985’. In other words; pure pop-punk heaven.  

Lead vocalist Doug Cousins sings “You’ve got me dreaming of the summertime” on the third track called ‘Super Deluxe’, and he is not wrong. The song is catchy from the get-go and begging to be played on full volume as you’re singing along while on a late summer night drive. The lyrics of ‘So Damn Wrong’ and ‘Love Me Like You Did’ touch upon the topics of loneliness, break ups and heartache, in contrast to the summery vibe we got used to. However, both of these songs are disguised by an upbeat sound unlike acoustic based ‘Lovely Lovely’. 

 The album finishes strong with ‘Transient Colours’. The song wraps up the highs and lows of the love story that has been described in the previous tracks, along with catchy guitar riffs, lyrics that make you want to scream along at the top of your lungs and an abrupt ending that leaves plenty of space to hit that replay button a thousand times. 

Listen on Spotify here.

Words: Lieke Gaudes

Miley Cyrus – Prisoner ft. Dua Lipa (RCA Records)

Prisoner is the title of Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa‘s first collaboration, released last night. It is the second single of Miley‘s upcoming album ‘Plastic Hearts’, out November 27th. Even though the song has a very prominent electric bass line that characterizes rock music, it was made to have more of a generic pop sound to match both of their vocal abilities. In comparison to Miley‘s most recent covers of Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glas’ or The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’, it is definitely more suitable to be played over and over again on different radio stations worldwide. The lyrics talk about the struggle of desiring another person even though you know they aren‘t good for you, nor your mental health. A catchy chorus, lyrics that are easy to memorize, yet there is something missing – but I‘m sure Miley’s new album will have a few surprises left for us in store.

Listen on Spotify here.

Words: Victoria Madzak

Real Feelings – Rondé ( Universal)

The Dutch band Rondé has released their new single’s ‘Real Feelings’. It’s the second single in short span of time, which means fans are patiently waiting for a possible third album. With Adriaan Persons, who played the keys, leaving the band during the pandemic the band had to quickly adjust to becoming a four piece. However, after a long conversation the four remaining members quickly released how much the band meant to them and agreed to continue releasing music. More than ever, they went on the search for their organic, warm sound. Which resulted in two great singles. ‘Real Feelings’ was written after singer Rikki experienced a date that made her doubt whether it’s worth it to give up a piece of yourself for your partner, especially if you’re mentally in a good place and like your own personality. The honest lyrics, dreamy sounds and Rikki’s unique vocals gives you a melancholic feeling. It feels like the band is stronger than ever and are musically in a good place. Let’s hope more singles or a possible album is on its way. 

Listen on Spotify here.

Words: Megan Hofman

Celeste – A little love (Polydor)

‘A Little Love’ is Celeste’s latest song and is the soundtrack to this year’s highly anticipated John Lewis advert. The gorgeous track has a cosy, familiar feel – echoing that of a classic Nat King Cole Christmas song and feels like a much-needed warm hug. As the song starts, it is just Celeste’s vocals and a soothing piano that brings a wave of nostalgia that reminds you of a classic Christmas film. As the song progresses and the string section comes in, it becomes even more magical. Celeste is a great fit for this year’s John Lewis advert as her vocals have the ability to take you somewhere and enchant you with her jazzy sounds while she sings about the joys and importance of being kind and sharing love. Listening closely to the lyrics it’s sure to bring a tear to your eye as we come to the end of a very challenging year and reflect on what is most important at this time of year.

Listen on Spotify here.

Words: Hollie Sacket

Yael Daila – Eternal Return

On ‘Eternal Return’, Dutch artist Yael Daila makes her soft-spoken debut.Over a lofi beat and accompanied by her own dreamy vocal harmonies she sings about broken, unbalanced love. The delivery is absolutely beautiful here as it has a warm sound and hits home. “I know this love is gonna burn, it’s an Eternal Return” she sings as the beat slowly ends and fades out her vocals, revealing intimacy in this song about unending, bad love choices. This track is the kind of alternative R&B that has been extremely popular lately with wonderful cover art to convey this soulful feeling. We love this song and hope to hear more from Yael very soon.

Words: Lu-Hao Veritas