#ThrowbackThursday: Heartbroken by T2 and Jodie Aysha

Whether heard at your Year 6 school disco, or through some yutes at the back of the 269 bus, or from hearing muffled wails coming from behind your older sister’s pink-licked bedroom door, it would’ve been a hard feat to avoid the anthemic lyrics of T2’s ‘Heartbroken’.

‘Heartbroken’ was the debut single from the young British record producer T2. Written and sung by 15-year-old Jodie Aysha, it quickly swept the nation into sing-song, holding the Number Two spot in the UK Singles Chart. The garage bassline led it to be a dancefloor classic in clubs up and down the country – and, of course, in many pubescent teens’ bedrooms.

Today, 12 November, marks the 13th anniversary of the classic of a generation. Whether you loved it or hated it… you’ll be forced to remember it.

Words: Johnny Fry

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