Album Review: Ugø- Like Your Life Depended on It

You should know Ugø. On his latest project ‘Like Your Life Depended on It’, the south London rapper showcases his skills across 16 tracks his skills as well as his passion for professional wrestling.

Nods to wrestlers on ‘BLK Kane’ and ‘Gnarly’ are quite fitting. Ugø brings the aggression and fire with his raps that the big red machine of the WWE is known for (the sample of his theme song is a nice touch) and much like a young Jeff Hardy fresh on the scene, he is full of hunger, energy and a style that entertains. A few tracks are below the two-minute mark but in that short amount of time Ugø shows off his skills as an emcee.

‘Concede’, despite only being a minute long, is a fine example of his infectious flow and a standout moment. It’s unfortunate how short the track is but perhaps it serves its purpose as a teaser of things to come from this talented individual. Tunes such as ‘Begs and Basics’ and ‘This Year’ make for perfect choices for party playlists or hanging out with friends.

Guest features on this album such as KØMON, Tim Duzit and Kaysan Lorenzo are well placed and mesh well with Ugø. There’s a lot to like about this project from the variety in sounds in the tracklist to the strong production that compliments the vocals. ‘New Palace’ being a prime example of this.

Ugø is quickly making a name for himself in the underground scene and ‘Like Your Life Depended on It’ is certainly a step in the right direction. It’s a strong indication of the talent this rapper possesses.

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