Live Review: Luna Bay @ Scala, 21.11.19

Words: Anna Runa-Umbrasko | Photography: Ciaran Frederick

Luna Bay are on a roll. Following their last headline 300-cap show, they now play to their biggest sold-out show at the historic Scala in London with around 1,100 people in the crowd. That’s a lot for a band just recently graduated from BIMM London. Wild Front support them today and radiate passion for music all over the room, owning the stage with no socks on.

As a mystic blue light and smoke start to appear, huge glowsticks on the stage are glimmering, bearing their logo in the middle standing out. The intro plays and they shift into ‘Call The Night’. Everyone jumps.

If Luna Bay’s sound were to be described, they appear to be a soft mix of Two Door Cinema Club and Catfish And The Bottlemen. Their bubbly, fun riffs boost everyone’s mood and the vocals are super unique – they sound a bit scrappy, but clean and on point at the same time. While they sing and play their hearts out, some people in the audience open moshpits and get on each other’s shoulders. The fan base was very diverse – starting young girls and ending with old men. 

They include ‘Colours’ and their most streamed track, ‘Hometown’, in their setlist. A few empty cups are thrown on the stage and a generous fan gifts them a bottle of champagne. The connection with the audience is strong and everyone takes part, even when the band ask everyone to bend down and jump when they say so. 

Luna Bay’s guitarist – Rye Milligan – absolutely smashes it with his fantastic dance moves; he left his soul and all his energy on that stage. Clemence joins them on stage for ‘All In’ and adds subdued vocals to it, giving the track a nostalgic sound. Luna Bay are not talkers; they merely express their gratitude after each song and move on to the next. After playing ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ they went off stage but the audience call them back.

Returning to the stage to finish it off with ‘Little Amsterdam’, confetti starts to burst. Everyone screams their lungs out and the barrier is about to collapse. Luckily, it doesn’t, and the people leave in a good mood and with sparks in their eyes. 

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