Picture This – Live At Roundhouse Review

Words: Nargis Borhan

Playing their biggest London show ever, Irish pop band Picture This headline a sold-out show at The Roundhouse in Camden. Starting their set with ‘You and I’, the atmosphere hits the roof.

Surprisingly, the setlist consists of more tracks from their debut self-titled album, such as ‘Let’s Be Young’, ‘Saviour’, and ‘Dream’, rather than their sophomore effort, Modern Love, where they play ‘Hurt Nobody’, ‘Everything or Nothing’ and the title track. Nevertheless, the crowd are ecstatic to be hit with such nostalgia.

Bringing the high energy to a pause, the band are quick to express their appreciation: “We’ve probably said thank you about a million fucking times tonight, but this is our favourite thing to do and you just came and sold this place out and brought all the fucking energy in the world, so thank you, London. Now after the Ole’s and that rousing speech, we’re going to sing the saddest song of the whole fucking set,” says lead singer Ryan Hennessey as he introduces another track from their debut, ‘Smell Like Him’. All emotions are in the air for this one; torch lights wave around the venue, couples tenderly hold onto each other, emotions run high.

From one sad song to another, ’95’ follows; a song that was written about the year in which lead singer Hennessey was born. He explains that no matter what year you were born, this song is about love.

Unconventional to a Picture This show, they decide to play a cover of Sam Fender’s ‘Will We Talk?’, which garners a huge reaction from the crowd, despite the group’s fear of “fucking it up”.

Fans are treated to unreleased track ‘Can You Feel It’, which has the crowd up and dancing despite not knowing the lyrics. At every opportunity, the venue erupts with an Olé chant, leaving the band speechless and honoured each time.

Introducing ‘Addicted To You’, Cliff Deane gives a different interpretation to what the meaning of the song could be, regardless of whether it’s true or not: “When the band first started I had a few insecurities. I was the youngest member of the band, I was probably the worst bass player – probably still am – I was hairier than the rest of them, but then Ryan was like, ‘You know what man, we love you in this band and we are addicted to you’.”

For the encore, ‘When We Were Young’ plays to giant inflatable balls being thrown and kicked around the venue, each and every single person donning a smile on their face and having the time of their lives; a perfectly fitting song. Irish and proud, Hennessey takes one of multiple Irish flags in the venue and holds it up as the crowd continue to erupt in Olé’s.

As the final songs approach, the band give their final thanks:

“Thank you so much for an unforgettable night, our biggest ever headline show in London, in the Roundhouse, couldn’t have been any more perfect thanks to you, so thank you very much. I don’t want to leave the fucking stage if I’m being honest with you”. The night ends on an all-time high as ‘One Drink’ and ‘Take My Hand’ closes.

The show and the crowd give every ounce of their energy in that very last moment. This is truly a pinnacle night for the band.

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