Singles Club

On this Valentine’s Day find other singles like yourself. Take them out with you everywhere, cry to them in bed, do whatever. Introducing LDN’s singles club bringing you the latest music

tiLLies – ‘Faith’

‘Faith’ is the addictive, new Alt-Pop single from tiLLie, inspiring hope in abuse survivors across the country. Only five seconds in and the instrumental fits the criteria for a holiday advert on TV perfectly, painting the picture of a couple holding hands on a beautiful green landscape. For abuse victims, this proves that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Jade Dadalica

Astrid S – ‘Someone New’

Norwegian pop princess Astrid S has released her new single ‘Someone New’ early February. The bubbly and catchy rhythms are a sweet undertone for the slightly disturbing lyrics. The song co-written by Charli XCX, amongst others, talks about an unhealthy obsession with an ex and lures you in with its glittery synths and deep bass tones.

Lauren Dehollogne

Angel Du$t – ‘Bang My Drum’

Animated, genre twisted and happy-go-lucky, Angel Du$t have recently released ‘Bang My Drum’ in a vibrant explosion of tempo. Acoustic melody and bongos (even a bloody saxophone) make this the positive energy you needed to begin the year with. Accompanied with ripping guitar solos and a weirdly catchy one tone vocal, the real question is – when are Angel Du$t coming to bang the drum in the UK?

Ashley Hall

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