LTW ‘Ed Sheeran Is Shit’ review (1)

Who let this man in? The famed music critic/journalist/ performer/whatever takes the ‘stage’ (if you can even call a room with 15 people smiling at him politely a stage), spewing poetic abuse by using the names of Ed Sheeran and Bono in vain.

True trudges through excerpts of his book, Ed Sheeran Is Shit, covering the exploitation (and hypocrisy of living in) of capitalism and corporate bullshit, just like every musician and writer has since the middle of the 20th Century.

Like a bewildered anti-capitalist preacher, True goes into considerable detail about ASDA, Starbucks (and never drinking coffee there) and shit being everywhere, or something. Honestly, I feel like I’m being indoctrinated into an Ed Sheeran hate club more than anything.

Perhaps he’s just after some more followers in his cult. “I’ll be back at 3:30,” he says. I pray to god I won’t be.

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